How to fix Instagram Camera Crashing on Android


Instagram on Android crashes when you open its camera, or the Instagram camera doesn’t work for stories, is this problem you are facing? The time to fix it has come. Follow the steps below to fix Instagram Camera crashing problem on Android.


Instagram has become the most popular social media platform. As of July 2019, over Instagram has over 1 Billion active users. 64% of these users are of age 18-29. Instagram has made things easy for business too. The businesses that used to run their advertisement on Facebook back in the day, they prefer using Instagram now. It has also pushed platforms like Snapchat down the queue.

The content trends have changed a lot over the past couple of years. A transformation from textual content to graphical content has taken place. On a platform like Instagram, users express their feelings or share their ideas through pictures or Instagram story videos. This has helped the transformation take place rapidly. Millennials these days prefer watching over reading. Instagram has given them that platform. Furthermore, Instagram has established a better relationship between celebrities and their fans.Instagram Camera Crashing on Android

Not only human beings are popular on Instagram, earlier in 2019, but a picture of an Egg also became the most liked picture on Instagram. A brown Egg hit 53 Million likes surpassing Kylie Jenner’s most liked picture.

Instagram offers two accounts. You can either create a business account or a personal account. For a business account, you have further preferences like a shop or a personal blog. The incorporation of IGTV has helped Instagram to become one of the top video publishing platforms too. It won’t be wrong to say that Instagram has become a complete social media solution now.

So, if you have been facing problems with Instagram’s camera lately, follow the steps given below to fix it without any further ado.

Guide to fix Instagram Camera Crashing on Android

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Apps/App Settings/App Manager > All Apps > Instagram.
  2. Now click on Storage.
  3. In Storage, you will find Cache and Data.
  4. Delete the Cache and Data now.Instagram Camera Crashing on Android
  5. Restart your Android handset.
  6. Launch Instagram.
  7. Turn on the Camera through Instagram stories now.

That’s all. This should fix the camera problem of Instagram on your Android handset. If this solution fails to work, simply uninstall Instagram and re-install it on your phone.

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