How to use speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1[ Tutorial ]


Windows Phone from Nokia are know getting popular because they are adding many tones of new features with every new update and i’ve used it Windows Phone battery timing is much better then other smartphones. Well most us find Windows Phone a bit difficult to use but nothing is impossible, today i’ll tell how to Speed dial on Windows Phone easily.

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Speed dial make dialing easy how ? look normally when we have to call some one we goto contacts and then search for his/her number then we tap on it to make a call, but if you’ve added a contact in speed dial then you have to only press the number on which you’ve saved the person’s contact simple and easy. Now lets go back to tutorial how to┬áspeed dial on Windows Phone 8.1.

How to use speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1[ Tutorial ]:

  1. First goto contacts on your Windows Phone 8.1.
  2. Now goto Phone application on windows phone 8.1.
  3. Now Swipe to left side and goto Speed dial tab.
  4. You’ll be in Speed dial tab now click on + icon at the end of the screen.
  5. When you tab on + icon you’ll be in your contact list.
  6. Now select the contact that you want to add in Speed dial on your Windows Phone.

Cheers all done!.

Image Credit: Wpcentral

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