How To See If Someone is Typing To You in iOS 7


In Facebook Messenger when someone is typing to you after a conversation is started you can see a typing notification before you receive the message, which can be tiresome if someone forget to write after he started and after a long wait all you get is “OK” or “Hmmm”. The same thing can be happen in iOS 7 but not in Facebook messenger only or iMessages only, it has been expanded to any page in iOS. A small banner will appear on Status Bar if someone is Typing to you or if someone has read a Message of yours. Once you enable this Feature it is hard to get back on the Previous way.


TypeStatus is a Jailbreak Tweak that helps you in getting the Type On Notification on the Status bar. The app is Totally free and Available only for Jailbroken devices, if your device is Jailbroken you can download and install it easily, but to do so, First you must Add the Repository for TypeStatus. Without further ado, let’s find out how.

Jailbreak your iOS Device.

Since the following tutorial needs an iOS device which is Jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak your device. If yourdevice is still in its normal condition. Follow our Jailbreak Section to find out how to Jailbreak your device

Add TypeStatus Repo To Cydia

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Tap Manage at the Bottom.
  3. Open Sources.
  4. Navigate to Edit at bottom.
  5. Tap on Add on the Left.
  6. Enter the Following in the Text Field,, and hit Add Source.
  7. Return to Cydia

Install TypeStatus

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Search for TypeStatus.
  3. Tap TypeStatus once the search is over.
  4. Tap Install in the top right corner.
  5. Tap Confirm.
  6. Let it install.
  7. Tap Restart.

How To Set-Up TypeStatus

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open TypeStatus.
  3. Choose the Option you want or like the most.
  4. Tap Test Typing and Test Read to ensure they are working or not.
  5. Enjoy!

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