How To Restart a Frozen MacBook.


Once upon a time, I borrowed a MacBook from a Friends and I was happily using it until, it keeps getting freeze after every 10-minutes work, at that time I just lost all my senses, first it was not my own thing and Second according to Him, it didn’t happened before. After a long search, I was able to find it on WikiHow, and it completely worked, according to the Friend its battery was a bit faulty. Whatsoever, I am sharing it with you people, so you won’t get scared the next time.


Step 1:

Locate the Power Button and Hold it for Five Seconds and the Computer will shut down.


Now Press the Power Button again and release it as soon as you press it, Your Mac will restart, if the problem still occurs, it’s time to take it to another level.

There are Two Good reasons, Number One, the Power Supple you are using it Damage or a Dead Battery can cause such problem.




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