How To Measure Heart Rate On Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung has added new features in Galaxy S5 including “S – health Application” through which you can monitor your heart rate, count the number of steps and mange your work routine as well. So, Samsung Galaxy S5 is not only your life companion but it also helps you to take care of your precious health. I know that most of you know how to Measure Heart Rate On Samsung Galaxy S5. But for those who don’t know can follow our guide below.

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samsung Galaxy s5

How to measure the heart rate using Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Press App menu icon on your Samsung Galaxy S5 home screen.
  • Now find S-Healt App tap on the S-Healt icon. As shown in the picture.

S Health


  • First when open S-Health you have to set up the App settings.
  • After setting up the S-Health now tap on the Heart Monitor.
  • Now on the next page you will get instruction to enable Heart Monitor.


  • Now after enabling Heart Monitor place your finger on heart rate sensor below your camera. Wait for the device to show your heart beat per minute.


  • Now press on the graph on lower right corner. After pressing the graph you’ll see your heart beat result.


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