How to install Xposed Framework on MIUI 9


Xposed Framework has been having some serious issues with the MIUI. Because of the issues, Xiaomi users couldn’t enjoy the Xposed Framework fully on their Android smartphone. Things have just started turning good for the Xiaomi users now. The developer of Xposed Framework announced official Xposed for Android Nougat about a week ago. After the release of Xposed for Nougat, the developer also released another updated version of Xposed which finished the bootloop and other issues for the Samsung Galaxy devices. After the Samsung Galaxy users, it’s time for the MIUI users to see the light of the day. Xposed has been updated to work better with the MIUI 9. The bootloop and other issues that were keeping Xiaomi users from flashing Xposed on MIUI have been fixed. Update for MIUI 9 didn’t happen officially. 

Xposed Framework for the MIUI 9 has been put forward the XDA Senior Member Psy_Man. This is the Xposed Framework’s v88.1 that completely supports MIUI 9. Basically, the MIUI 9 is based on Android Nougat. Although Xposed started working flawlessly on Nougat, it didn’t work quite well with the SystemUI’s of various smartphone manufacturers. However, it’s always better late than never. Now that this update has happened, it’s time to pull your MIUI 9 Xiaomi phone out of your pocket and prepare it for flashing some good stuff.

With Xposed, you can change the entire look and functionality of your smartphone. Xposed Framework is supported by hundreds of modules. The Xposed Modules can installed after installing Xposed Framework on your phone. Every single module has a different purpose. Finding the modules is incredibly easy. There’s a dedicated tab in the Xposed Framework application. You can pick your favourite module from the Xposed repository and install it on the go. The only complex process that you have to go through is the installation of Xposed Framework on your phone. Rest is all handled by the Xposed application which you will install right after flashing the Framework.

Assuming that you are on this post to follow the process to install Xposed Framework on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 9, we will put our conversation to an end here. Let’s proceed with the steps to perform Xposed Framework installation on the MIUI 9 Android Nougat.

Download Xposed Framework Unofficial v88.1 for MIUI 9:

Xposed for MIUI 9 Android 7.1 Nougat

Xposed for MIUI 9 Android 7.0 Nougat

Xposed Framework APK

How to Install official Xposed Framework on MIUI 9 Android Nougat

  1. Make sure that your phone has a custom recovery installed on it.
  2. Boot your phone into the custom recovery.
  3. If you are using TWRP recovery, tap Install > Locate the Xposed file > Swipe screen to flash file.
  4. After flashing the file, restart your phone into the system.
  5. Now using a file manager, locate the copied Xposed Framework APK file and install it.
  6. Open the installed application from the App Drawer.
  7. You can now start installing any modules that you like. The most popular modules include GravityBox, App Settings and running Youtube in the background.

     Official Xposed Framework for Android Nougat

How to Uninstall Xposed

  1. Download the Xposed file from below.
    1. Xposed Uninstaller for ARM
    2. Xposed Uninstaller for ARM64
    3. Xposed Uninstaller for x86
  2. Copy Xposed Uninstaller to your phone’s internal or external storage.
  3. Reboot your phone into the custom recovery installed on your phone.
  4. Flash the Xposed Uninstaller in the TWRP recovery just like you flashed the zip file above to install it.
  5. Clear the Dalvik cache of your phone after uninstalling. Reboot your phone and you are all done.

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