How to Install WhatsApp on your WiFi Tablet


WhatsApp has definitely lessened the use of SMS messaging and has eased the lives of a lot of users. It’s very easy to send unlimited messages, sharing photos, videos, sharing music just in a few taps using WiFi or 3G on your device with WhatsApp.WhatsApp for Tab

WhatsApp is available for free in the Google Play Store. You can download it and install it on your Android or iOS device and start chatting with your friends and family for hours without any cost. But, in order to proceed with WhatsApp verification, you will need a SIM card in your device as WhatsApp will use your number to activate your profile after verification.

Since there is a number of devices available around powered with Android, these devices include various smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. Android-powered tablets are further divided into 3G, LTE, and WiFi models. So, you got a hefty list to choose from. A Tablet with 3G support will let you use a SIM card, you will be able to dial calls, send text messages, use Viber and other such social chat apps including WhatsApp as well, but a WiFi tablet will not let you use a SIM card, thus, you won’t be able to do any SIM verification related activity.

So you got a Tablet with no 3G support but WiFi and you’re willing to get WhatsApp on it? Well, as mentioned above, without a sim card in your device you won’t be able to verify it and you will start feeling trapped having an awesome device but no social chat app like WhatsApp. Well, there’s no need to ponder about it anymore. We have the complete solution to your worry. In the following post, we will go through a method that will let you install WhatsApp on your WiFi tablet. Also, this tutorial is only for Android tablets.

How to Install WhatsApp on your WiFi Tablet

What you will need for this:

  • A phone with a SIM card in it doesn’t matter what phone it is, you just need to receive and SMS or Call.
  • WhatsApp on your tablet, get it below.

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How to Install:

      1. Download WhatsApp latest APK from here.
      2. Place the downloaded APK file on your tablet and install it.
      3. Allow unknown sources if install blocked, select package installer if prompted.
      4. Once installed, open WhatsApp now.
      5. WhatsApp will ask you to select your country, insert your number and verify it.
      6. Fill the requirements (use the number that you’re running on your phone) and proceed with the verification.
      7. WhatsApp will start verifying the number you inserted, you will get a call at first on the number that you used for WhatsApp.
      8. Pick up the call on your phone, listen to the code and insert it WhatsApp.
      9. In case the call verification fails, verify it again. You should receive a text message with the verification code this time.
      10. Insert the verification code.
      11. Phewwww! You will pass the verification now, set up your profile and start using WhatsApp.

That’s All! In case you got any queries or you face any difficulties, feel free to stop by the comment box below and drop us your words. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks All.

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  1. @disqus_8rOKGY41K0:disqus the link above is the direct download link, please click it properly. You shouldn’t face any such problems.

  2. I tried doing exactly what you posted for installing WhatsApp on my ‘android wifi only’ tablet. Did not work. Contacts don’t get pulled in from the phone number I gave. Does it have to be a smart phone? Mine is not. But can receive text messages. Do I need another App for contacts management? Your help will be appreciated.

    • @radhikadarsi:disqus You can transfer contacts between devices using VCF file. You can also add contacts manually in your tablet, those should appear in WhatsApp as well as I can see it working on my tab. You may try re-installing whatsapp on your tab again

  3. Apologies if my question came tnrough twice, I have a wifi only tablet, no brand on it , bought purely for my husband to whatsapp children overseas, I tried installing whatsapp apk but after getting 2/3rds through, I got OS warning about custom roms and could do damage, is it safe to go ahead? Tried different version and get cannot open file, can you help please, im a novice at these things, thanks

  4. Hi. Installation worked. Added people to address book and whatsapp worked on my tablet. BUT when I wanted to use whatsapp on my phone the verification process started there again. Sofar I can either use my phone or the tablet with whatsapp. Is there a solution? Thanks

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