How to force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper


Let’s tell you how you can force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper. Drak Mode is one feature which is most awaited and by the looks of Android development teams, we are a long way from that. There is no proper Drak Mode feature available for Android yet. However, Google did add a small feature to their latest Android OS, it is called OS Colors.

Now if you want to force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper, you need to download an app called LWP+. ThisOS Colors feature is only available on Google Pixel family. Now let’s start the method in which we will explain you how to use and setup LWP+ on Google Pixel devices. Moreover, we’ll tell you how to force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper.

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force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper

How to force Google Pixel’s ‘dark mode’ with any wallpaper:

Heed the instructions below in order to force your Google Pixel’s Drak Mode with any Wallpaper you want. We are not using any Root method or any tweak to force Google Pixel’s Drak Mode. We are using a third-party app which can be downloaded from Google Play or you can download it from the link below.

LWP+ - Dynamic-colors
Price: Free

Install and Setup LWP+ on your Google Pixels:

  • Frist, you need to download LWP+ on your device. Use the links above or direct download LWP+ from Google Play. LWP+ is totally free although there ads.
  • Now you have to Set LWP+ as your Wallpaper. Long Press on your home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> LWP+.
  • Once you are through with the setup process, you need to select a background image now. Launch the LWP+ app from your app drawer -> select background image -> choose any image from your device.
  • Regardless of what image you have chosen, your device will still take it as a dark wallpaper and you can enjoy the dark mode.
  • You have to check one more thing, head over to the OS Colors -> Turn on the “custom colors” and set them all to black.

That’s all.

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