How To Fix An Unresponsive iPhone After A Bad Jailbreak.


Jailbroken device are no doubt far better than any normal device as they can give your device many of those features that can’t be able to install on a normal device, if your device is Jailbroken and still working you can follow our Tweaks Section to install many awesome tweaks on your device. But if for any reason your device has stop responding after you have installed a Jailbreak tweak or after Jailbreaking, you can follow the rest of the Tutorial to find out how.


To do this you must have Cydia Substrate installed on your device, previously known as Mobile Substrate, on your Jailbroken device, which is an important thing as a lot of tweaks require it to run, you can easily get into safe mode to get your iOS device out of bootloop and get in Cydia to remove that Tweak which cause it to Stuck.

Turn Off Your iPhone/iPad

  1. If you are Stuck in Bootloop,  Hold Down the Power button and Home Button button
  2. Release them after the Apple Logo appears and then disappears, means that device is now Off.

Disable Cydia Substrate via Safe Mode

  1. Turn On your device by Holding Power + Volume Button.
  2. Let go of the Volume Button when the Apple Logo appears but keep on holding Power Button until the device fully boots up.

Remove the Jailbreak Tweak that Caused It

  1. Open Cydia after the Boot-up.
  2. Tap Manage.
  3. Tap Packages.
  4. Tap the Jailbreak after whose installation the problem occurs.
  5. Tap Modify.
  6. Tap Remove.
  7. Repeat the Above steps if necessary

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