How To Create a USB drive In OS X Mavericks Through Lion DiskMaker and Createinstallmedia [ Guide ]


Although there are many guides related to create a USB Drive Mac OS X, but today i will tell you how to create a USB drive In OS X Mavericks Through Lion DiskMaker and Createinstallmedia from terminal. As most of us know that there is a terminal command that does all the processing. First we have to create OS X 10.9 Installation through UNIX Createinstallmedia. After that all you need to know is where it says untitled must write the name we gave to our memory USBformatting from Disk Utility.

Just copy and paste into the terminal carrying out the entire process:

sudo / Applications / Install \ OS \ X \ / Contents / Resources / createinstallmedia – volume / Volumes / Untitled – ApplicationPath / Applications / Install \ OS \ X \ – nointeraction


How To Create USB Drive Thorugh Lion Disk Maker:

With the arival of OS X Mavericks Lion DiskMaker also get a update. Through this Loin DiskMaker we will create a unit USB or SD card from which we can boot and install the system from scratch. The steps are as follows.



1. First Download Mavericks ( 10.9 ) from Mac App store. When you open the upgrade wizard DiskMaker Lion launched the application and select the boot disk you want to create, in our case 10.9 Mavericks. As Show above in the pic.


2. All you have do is follow the steps. It will ask you ” it will be completely erased. If you choose another kind of disk, ONLY the chosen volume will be erased.


3. Remember this if you want to install Mavericks from scratch you must boot from the created Disk Utility. To do this all you have to do is hold down theALT nothing more pressing the power button on your Mac then, when we see the installer window select Disk Utility and erase and create the partitions or want in our HDD or SSD . Your installation will begain. !


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