How To Check If Group Messages On WhatsApp Have Been Seen By Recipients


It was when people were able to see when a message was seen or read by the recipient that the world came to a stable notch. Today, every messaging client you see, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and even iMessenger have the ability to show if the recipient has seen the message you just sent. This, however might not be the case when it comes to group messaging on WhatsApp.

If you send a message on WhatsApp, then you might be curious if your inmates have checked it or not, let alone that it has been delivered. WhatsApp for some reason didn’t implement the double-tick and blue-tick option when it comes to group messaging. If you think you’re out of luck in such a scenario, then think again! We have a little guide awaiting for you which will enable you to see if your friends have seen the message you have just sent on a WhatsApp group!

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Check If Group Messages On WhatsApp

How To Check If Group Messages On WhatsApp Have Been Seen By Recipients:

1. First things first. Make sure you have a solid internet or data connection, in order to retrieve data from WhatsApp services.

2. Next up, open up WhatsApp, and hop into the group of your choice.

3. From there, select a message that you’ve sent on the group, and long-press or long-tap on it.

4. On Android, you will get a little icon ‘i’ on the top, while on iOS, you will have a visual on an option named ‘info’.

5. Tap the respective icon, and you will notice that a pop-up takes your device’s screen.

6. For help, you can check whether the message you’ve sent has been delivered to specific people or not. Down below, you can see people who have seen or read it.

That’s it. With a simple long-tap on a message, you just unveiled one of the biggest and helpful feature of all time. If you have any queries, do let us know.

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