How To Change Your MacBook Name.


So you have named your MacBook and now you are just not sure that it’s good and want to change it but don’t know how to change it. Perhaps you are new at MacBook or one of your friends handed it to you or maybe some family member gave it to you and now you don’t want to disappoint them, that you don’t know how to change it. Well don’t worry, we will show you how it is done. Just choose a name and follow the rest of the Guide.


Method 1:

Change the Name of your Mac.

Open up System Preferences, From the Apple Menu and Click System Preferences.


Click the Sharing Folder, you can find it in the Third Row, right next to the Bluetooth icon.


At the top if Window that popped-up, you will see Computer name, just click on it and Enter the New Name.



Method 2:

Change It From Finder Preferences.

From the Finder Menu, select the Finder Preferences.


In the Finder Preferences, locate your MacBook Icon, Tick it, once done then close the Window. Your MacBook should be appear on the Finder’s SideBar.



This Methods will work on All Mac OS X.

A Standard name will be “Steve Job’s MacBook”, just personalized with it your Name.

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