How To Boot a Mac From FireWire.


Booting a Mac using FireWire is a quite good thing if you are having issues at Mac Boot Screen or you want to run a Diagnostic or you want to access to Computer but can’t do it through itself. You can either Purchase a FireWire drive or a Hard Drive with FireWire connector or you can use MacBook as a FireWire, if it has an appropriate FireWire connector.


Method 1:

Use FireWire When Mac Won’t Boot on Its Own.

Locate the FirwWire port near a USB Port, it must be with Angled Corners on one side of port.

Connect your Mac With FireWire Drive.

Hold Down the “Option” Key as you Power-up the Macintosh.

Select the FireWire Drive from the List of Options.

Click the Right Facing Arrow to select the FireWire Drive and finish Booting.

Method 2:

Operate FireWire After a Normal Reboot:

Connect your Mac with FireWire after a Successful Boot.

Open finder Window to make sure that FireWire device is listed in your Devices.

Open System Preferences, and select “Start-up Disk”.

Select FireWire drive to boot with.

Now Click “Restart” to reboot your Computer using FireWire.

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