4 Steps to take a screenshot on Raspberry Pi [ How to ]


Following are the instruction and different methods on how to take a screenshot on Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is getting famous and daily hundreds of new users join are using Raspberry Pi, suppose you are working on Raspberry Pi project and want to take a screenshot of your work or project, you have to follow instruction, below. Before moving on you have to do two things, first connect with WiFi and install “Scrot.”

4 Steps to take a screenshot on Raspberry Pi [ How to ]

How To to take a screenshot on Raspberry Pi:

Before moving on to the tutorial, first we have to install Scrot on your Mac. Scrot is tool which allows you to take screenshot using a simple command in terminal.

Step:1 Open Terminal on your Mac.

Step:2 When Terminal opens up, type the following command as it is.

sudo apt-get install scrot

Step:3 Press Enter.

All Done.

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