Google Chromecast Common Problems and Fixes


Google Chromcast is an amazing device, particularly for those who haven’t got a Smart TV and they want to make an ordinary TV smart with a little addon. This doesn’t mean that Google Chromecast is free of issues. Here are all the Google Chromecast common problems and fixes.

Who doesn’t like a smooth and trouble-free web browser experience? With the Google Chromecast, you are like to get that flawless experience, but there still are instances when it starts misbehaving. If your Chromecast is not performing up to the mark with the Chromecast being unusable and frustrating, then you should look at the common Chromecast problems and how to troubleshoot a misbehaving Chromecast. Yes! It is still possible to get an ideal and smooth user experience with Chromecast. Following these tips can make your Google Chromecast experience flawless. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can improve your general experience with Chromecast and get rid of all those haunting error messages your Chromecast has been giving you. Let’s see how you can fix all the common Chromecast problems on your own;

1- Chromecast Sudden Restart Problem

Sometimes your Chromecast might spontaneously restart and close all your tabs, which can be very disappointing. You can avoid this problem by trying following solutions out:


  • Check the Power Supply

Checking the power supply might help you. If you have a poor quality power supply, then there are chances that your Chromecast isn’t stuck outright in an endless reboot loop and the culprit is your power supply.

  • Hijack the USB service port

You can conveniently hijack the USB port on the television as it can provide power. It might not be the ideal way to power your Chromecast, but it does work. We know that most HDTV sets cut the power to the USB port when the television is off which means that you will have to wait for your Chromecast to restart and download an update whenever you turn on your TV. Moreover, poor USB ports on cheaper TV sets can cause trouble as they can be out of spec, and poorly grounded. These USB ports will surely fail to supply steady power to your Chromecast. Therefore, it’s always advised to use the power supply that came with the Chromecast. Moreover, you can always consider replacing both the charger and the USB cord if the problem persists.

  • Buy a new charger

You can consider buying a brand new charger like the Samsung OEM travel which is better than the generic chargers and gives a consistent power supply.

2- Unpredictable Black Screens Problem

Many Chromecast users have reported consisted black screens and reboots while using it. It might be due to a poor power supply and all the above power supply solutions can be applied to solve this issue as well. However, in case your Chromecast gets stuck in a permanent reboot loop then unplugging the power source and re-plugging it might not help. In this case, it’s highly likely that the issue lies with the firmware update or a corrupt data.


  • Factory Reset

You can solve this issue by rebooting or factory resetting your Google Chromecast. You can do this by doing a soft or hard reset. You can do this easily by holding the physical button on your Chromecast near the power port for half a minute until you can see the power light blink.

  • Retuning your Chromecast

If changing power source or factory resetting is not solving the blackouts then you’ll need to return your Chromecast.

3- Video Stutter Problem

Many Chromecast users have complained about the video output blacking out sporadically and the video dropping out frequently. Stuttering video and excessive buffering and blackouts are annoying and can ruin your entertainment while you stream the content. Let’s take a look how we can solve this.


  • Check the Wi-Fi Signal

The Chromecast streaming can be greatly hindered by poor Wi-Fi signal. You can check the Chromecast’s signal strength by simply looking at the Chromecast’s splash screen. You can check the signal by seeing at the lower left-hand corner where a small rotating text is displayed. After this, you have to wait for your Wi-Fi network name to appear. You can check the signal strength indicator beside it which has a 4-bars representation to display signal strength.

You can also check the Wi-Fi signals on another phone or laptop to see if the problem is with the device or Chromecast.

  • Change the position of Google Chromecast

Changing the position of the Chromecast can sometimes do the trick.  You should try getting your Chromecast away from the body of the TV and/or away from the wall. If both the Chromecast and the mobile device have the poor signal strength then it’s possible that your Chromecast is on the edge of your router’s range. Moving the TV closer to the router or to move the router closer to the TV can surely help.

  • Extend the Chromecast for Less Interference

You can use the small HDMI extender that comes with the Chromecast to extend your Chromecast away from the TV and wall with a longer HDMI extension cable. This extender protects your Chromecast from damage and does not put pressure on the connection point. Extending the Chromecast can help you if you own a shielded plasma HDTV or a plaster wall at the edge of your router’s reach.

  • Use Wi-Fi Extender to boost the Wi-Fi Signal

You can boost the signals by either moving the whole setup or using the Full featured extenders like the EX1600 that include an Ethernet port for a LAN-to-Wi-Fi extension. These extenders help if you have an Ethernet drop and thus you can create a strong Wi-Fi access point just for your Chromecast. You can also upgrade the router to increase its signal strength and range.

Therefore, using these simple tweaks and easy troubleshooting you can get your Chromecast fixed on your own. You can get your Chromecast running to enjoy the smooth experience you’d expect. Let us know if these fixes proved to be useful for you! We are all ears!

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