Gift a Movie, Album, TV Show from iTunes


There is nothing better than expressing your love to your loved ones, than by sending a Gift to them, doesn’t matter whether that gift is a Softcopy or a Hardcopy, whether it has been given by hand or sent via any E-Mail, whether it a Toy or an app, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is a gift, everyone will be happy and with these gifts you can also give someone a reason to remember you forever, or as long as that gift is there. At first on Christmas, Apple allowed users to send and receive apps as gifts, but now that part has gone a step ahead, now there is even more than just apps.

Despite that Gift Cards are available at the Retail outlets of Apple, but those Gift cards have a little problem, they might not what the other person have wanted and even worst, one cannot ask about what type of Gift you would like, so to minimize all the risks and problems, why not gift them a Movie, a TV Show or a full album in iTunes, sow without further ado, let us continue and the best part, you can use both your PC and Mobile to do so.

Gift a Movie, Album, TV Show from iTunes

Gift any Media using iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Choose anything you want to send as a Gift.
  3. Now remember, you can’t choose any free item as a gift.
  4. Locate the Price of the Item.
  5. Next to the Price, there will be a drop down menu
  6. From the Options, choose Gift this Item.
  7. Now in the next Window, enter the E-Mail of the person you want to send the gift to, along with a 200 Character Max Message, if you want.
  8. You can Specify the date, when you wish to send the gift and Click Next.
  9. There is even an option to choose Theme for the Mail.
  10. Apple will then ask you to confirm the action, enter the iTunes password to Proceed.
  11. That is it, you have just your gift.

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