Get Free Wifi Tethering On iPhone Running iOS 7 – How To


If you own one of the Verizon or T-Mobile Variants of iPhone, then you must have been sick of Paying the extra Carriers Charges to use your iPhone Mobile data as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. But what if you just need to pay only once instead of paying monthly to use as your Mobile data as much as you want, You wan to know how, We will show you how. If your device is Jailbroken and you are ready to do such thing, just follow the erst of the guide to find out how.


TetherMe is a Jailbreak Tweak that allows you to use your Mobile data as Wi-Fi hotspot, all you need to do is to pay a Sum of $5 only one time and for the rest of your time, you can use your Mobile data as Wi-Fi Hotspot for free, it even has some neat options for VPN users. Here is how you can install and use it on your device.

Jailbreak your iOS Device.

Since the following tutorial needs an iOS device which is Jailbroken, you need to Jailbreak your device. If your device is still in its normal condition. Follow our Jailbreak Section to find out how to Jailbreak your device

Download TetherMe :

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Search for TetherMe.
  3. Tap TetherMe once the search is over.
  4. Tap Purchase in the top right corner.
  5. Pay and Close it and then Tap install.
  6. Tap Confirm.
  7. Restart your device

How To Use TetherMe

  1. Go To settings.
  2. Tap TetherMe.
  3. Tap on Personal Hotspot.
  4. Turn on Personal Hotspot.
  5. You can put a Password for Hotspot or from where it can get data from etc.

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