How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail [ 5 Steps ]


Learn how you can Forward Rediffmail to Gmail with the help of these simple steps. Everyone knows that we can forward our Rediffmail messages to Gmail. But not everyone knows how? Those who use Gmail more than other accounts including Rediffmail account. 

This method is so simple, even a layman can do it. All you have to do is enable forwarding in your Rediffmail account. Once you are done with it, you will start receiving Rediffmail emails at your Gmail address. Let’s get started now.

Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail [ 5 Steps ]:

Heed the instructions below to learn how to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail. Remember you have to enable forwarding on Rediffmail account. We will not use any third-party app or service. If someone tells you to use anything other than that, you must know that there is no need.

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Rediffmail to Gmail:


First and foremost, you need to log into your Rediffmail account. Once you are through, head over to the ” My Settings ” Tab.


Look for the “Auto Forward” or “Forward Your Emails” option. If you are using the classic view then you will find Forward Your Emails. However, if you are using the standard view you will see Auto Forward.


Upon finding the Auto forward option, type in your Gmail ID in the given field. The Label of the field will be “Enter the email address to which you would like your Rediffmail forwarded”.


After you have added your Gmail Address to the Email forwarding settings. You can set a few things more, such as whether you want to retain a copy of the Email or not. If you check this option, that means you a copy of your Email will be saved on Rediffmail account.


Once you have set up everything, click on the “Start Forwarding My Emails” button. That’s all. Now you will start receiving your Rediffmail messages on your Gmail inbox.

That’s all.

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