How To Fix Unfortunately Facebook Messenger Has Stopped on Android


A few days back I’ve posted about how to fix unfortunately Facebook has stopped, today I’ll tell you how to fix unfortunately Facebook Messenger has stopped. There are many reasons which can cause this error “unfortunately Messenger has stopped “. Once you start getting this error you cannot use Snapchat properly so in order to get rid of this annoying situation follow my step by step guide below.


Uninstall and reinstall the app:

Before doing anything I would suggest you should uninstall the Facebook Messenger App and then download the latest updated version of the Facebook Messenger.

Turn it off and on again:

This will help because sometimes we don’t turn off our device for quite long, so a simple soft reset will do the job.

How To Fix Unfortunately Facebook Messenger Has Stopped on Android:

Step#1: Open Settings on your Android device.

Step#2: Now tap on More tab. [ I am using Galaxy Note 3 ]

Step#3: Tap on Application Manager form the list.

Step#4: Now select All Application with a swipe to left.

Step#5: There you’ll see all your installed apps, Tap on Messenger.

Step#6: Now all you have to do tap on Clear Cache and Clear data.

Step#7: Now go to home screen and restart your device.

All Done …

Download the latest Working version of Facebook messenger Apk. [ Mirror 1 Latest ]:

Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped [ Video Tutorial ]:

If this method is not working for you then you have to uninstall the Facebook Messenger app and install the latest updated version from Google Play. If by any means still, you are facing the same issue, I think you should try to install the old version of Messenger app that will help you to get rid of Unfortunately Facebook Messenger Has Stopped.

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  1. i hate this my phone is not working again and it shows android logo words i cant use my phone after i clearcatch and data, please help

  2. @disqus_JRJcRwIymz:disqus is your phone stuck on bootloop? Please tell me what phone are you using? You may need to perform a factory reset from recovery to recover it, or you may need to flash a stock firmware now.

  3. When I use messenger, the messages are on my tablet as well. If I clear data, will that delete all messages off all my devices, or just my phone, where I am getting the error message?

  4. UNFORTUNATELY MESSENGER HAS STOPPED: (Phone = Android / HTC desire 620G)

    My Experiences:

    • After Rooting and Unroot via Kingroot
    • Having Issue with Messenger

    Tries Temporary solutions:

    • Uninstall Facebook (means used default facebook)
    • Try re-installing facebook + update + re-installing Messenger = “STILL NOT GOOD”
    • Clear Cache + Clear Data + CCleaner + Master Cleaner = “STILL NOT GOOD”
    • Try to boot in Safe Mode = “STILL NOT GOOD”
    • Try to Hard reset (Try below 2 Options);
      i) Option A – go to setting, backup & reset, Factory data reset = “STILL NOT GOOD”
      ii) Option B – switch off phone, remove battery for 5sec, re-insert battery, hold Volume+ , press n release power button etc…… “STILL NOT GOOD”
    • Install Antivirus CM Security – scan & clean – “STILL NOT GOOD”

    Re-Install: Facebook / Updated / Messenger + Restart = “STILL NOT GOOD”

    But @ Last – i’ve installed an apps (just for fun/test, apparently its a plug-ins) called –
    ———> MEMES FOR MESSENGER <—————-

    After that i’ve just test messenger (without knowing that it will work) – Thank GOD it’s Working..

    Good Luck peeps…

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