Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi is ‘Stuck On’ Turning On [ How To ]


I have posted many solution of Samsung Galaxy devices like , Fix Null IMEI on S4, Fix Not registered on Network, Fix Booting up issue, Fix insert sim card to access service. Today I’ll discuss about WiFi issues on Samsung Galaxy S4. Few days back a friend of mine told me that has Samsung Galaxy S4, and while turning on the WiFi it has a ‘stuck on’ issue, frankly speaking, I was surprised to hear that because I never faced such kind of issue while using Galaxy S4. But let me tell you, it’s really true, while searching on Google I found many people were complaining about the same issue. So, this is why today I’ll discuss about how to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi is stuck on turning on.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi is Stuck On Turning On

How To check your Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi is Stuck On Turning On:

Before doing anything you must check first that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is really facing WiFi stuck on turning issue. If yes, then proceed further otherwise don’t try any of the following step.

  1. Check your WiFi turn off/on toggle button is working fine. If it takes time and shows “turning on” or “error”.
  2. If it is showing turning on and stays like that it mean its stuck.
  3. If it shows error then it means it will work.

Main reason of Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi is Stuck On Turning On:

  1. Low memory.
  2. Extra Programs.
  3. Hidden Programs.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi is Stuck On Turning On:

Following are the methods that will help you to get rid of this WiFi is ‘stuck on’ while turning on. Please follow all the methods carefully to fix this issue.

Fix through clearing the memory:

  1. Go to your RAM manager.
  2. Press your home button for 3 seconds you’ll be in task manager now tap on the extreme lower left tab.
  3. Now you’ll be in RAM manager tap on clear memory.
  4. Once done again tap on clear memory.
  5. After performing clear memory for 2 times now your WiFi will be working fine.

Turn off WiFi Power Saving mode:

  1. Open Dialer on your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  2. Dial *#0011#.
  3. After adding the you’ll be in Service mode.
  4. Now press menu button.
  5. Select WiFi from the list.
  6. Switch off the power saving mode.

Restart the router and disconnect all of your device currently connected with WiFi. When the router is rebooted and working now connect only your device. I am sure your Wifi will work properly now.

Perform a factory reset to fix:

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Tap on account tab.
  3. Now select backup and reset.
  4. After that select Factory Reset.
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  1. For me it was fixed by:

    1. Root your phone
    2. Download Root Explorer.apk, put it on your phone via USB, install it
    3. navigate to either /data/misc/wifi or /system/etc/wifi
    4. rename or delete wpa_supplicant.conf
    4.5. reboot

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