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Samsung Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone that you can get right now. The phone comes in 3 forms. Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10  are the three variants in this lineup. By all the means, the S10 phones are superb. Being the best device on the market doesn’t let the Galaxy S10 be a problem free phone. Recently, a few Samsung Galaxy S10 owners reached out to us asking about the Galaxy S10 Stuck in “Phone is starting” state. Now this problem, it persists for long, can get really frustrating. If you have landed on this page looking for a solution to this issue, you have landed at the right place. You can finally fix Galaxy S10 stuck in Phone is starting. I totally understand that pain you are going through, and we will take care of it in a bit.

Galaxy S10 Plus stuck in Phone is starting.

Before you fix this problem, let us understand its background.

Galaxy S10 Stuck in Phone is starting

After getting your hands on a brand new Galaxy S10, you must have very high expectations from the phone. The moment you get stuck on the Phone is starting screen, it can spoil your excitement, but you don’t really need to worry. Despite this little problem, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, and the Galaxy S10 Plus are still great devices. Problems occur and you have to fix them.

When does this happen?

So when and why do the Galaxy S10 stucks in Phone is starting screen? Well, when you boot up the phone and its going through the initial setup, ti shows you a progress bar with the “Phone is starting” written on it. This is when the phone is doing the app set up on the system to run flawlessly. Generally, the phone is expected to take a couple of minutes on this screen. The phone is starting screen’s time also depends on the number of applications installed on your phone.

For example, if you are setting up a brand new phone, it would take only 2-3 minutes on this screen, but if you just installed a new software without factory reset and you have a load of apps on the phone, this screen can take as long as 30 minutes too.

But the situation that we are talking about, that has to do with a brand new phone. You just turned it on and it’s stuck on the Phone is starting screen forever. What are you going to do now? The solution coming up next is what you need.

Now that you know everything about the Phone is starting screen, you can just move forward and fix this problem right away.

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How to Samsung Galaxy S10 Stuck in Phone is starting

There can be multiple solutions to the fix Samsung Galaxy S10 stuck in phone is starting, we will start with the basic one, which is to clear the cache of your phone. For this, you will have to boot your phone into the recovery mode. Follow the instructions given below to get this done.

These are the few simple and easy steps to fix Galaxy S10 stuck in phone is starting.

  1. Turn off your Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, or S10.

    Press the power button of your phone for about 5 seconds to bring the Power off option. Now tap or click on Power off to shut it down.

  2. Boot your Galaxy S10 into recovery mode.

    Press and hole the Volume Up + Bixby + Power button to boot the phone up. As the phone turns on, let the keys go. Your phone will go into the recovery mode now.

  3. Wipe cache partition of your S10.

    In the recovery mode, use the Volume Down to select “wipe cache partition”. Use the power button to select. Wipe the cache now.

  4. Reboot the phone now.

    After wiping cache, reboot your phone.

  5. Wait for a few minutes and the phone is starting will be gone.

    When the phone boots up, the phone is starting screen will not take more than a minute to go away. This will fix the problem. That’s all.

Here is our video guide to boot Galaxy S10 into recovery mode and clear cache.

This is all you need to fix the problem. If clearing cache doesn’t help, you can try hard-resetting your Galaxy S10. In case the hard-reset fails too, the best solution is to flash a brand new firmware on the phone. Here is a guide to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10 phones. The problem should be fixed now hopefully.

Wrap Up

This is all with this guide. Let us know if you were able to get your Galaxy S10 out of the Phone is starting screen. If you are facing any other problems on your Galaxy S10, feel free to reach out to us. We will try our best to craft a solution for you. For any queries, use the comments section given below.

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