How to fix Prime Video Black Screen on Chromecast Mirror


Google and Amz are two of the biggest competitors in the tech World. Both of these companies are continuously working hard to make products and beat other to it! Google’s Chromecast is a modern mirroring / casting devices. It works pretty well with apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go. However, Prime Video App does not work with Chromecast. This is not a matter of developers just missing out on it but the problems runs much deeper.

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Because of the lack of integration, users have to come up with some workarounds. In order to stream Prime to Chromecast, users just mirror the entire phone to Chromecast. This works well for almost every app out there. However, when trying to mirror Prime App with Chromecast, the screen turns black. You may hear the sound of media played or media controls, but the actual video does not show up. This issue is persistent on both Android and iOS versions of this app.

Applicable Queries / Problems

In this article, we are going to explore the solutions for fixing Prime Video and Chromecast’s connection. The key problem is screen going black when Prime Video is cast or mirrored on Chromecast enabled TV. Here is a list of queries that apply to this method.

  • The TV screen turns black when Prime Video is mirrored or cast on Chromecast.
  • When mirroring Prime Video on Chromecast, there is only audio and screen is black.
  • The UI controls of Prime App show up only but the video does not play on Chromecast.
  • Prime Video goes dark when mirrored with Chromecast device on a TV. The rest of apps work just fine and audio works too.
  • Unable to cast Prime content directly on Chromecast. When trying to mirror Prime Video App, the video goes black on Chromecast TV. The UI controls and audio still work but there is no image or video.

Why Prime Video App doesn’t work with Google Chromecast

This is the big question here. Why such a famous application with millions of users is not supported by Chromecast? The answer is simple: Fire TV or Firestick TV. This is a similar casting / mirroring device made by itself. It is the direct competitor of Google’s prime video does not work with chromecast

Think of it like an all out war! Both companies are going out of their way to block each others’ services. The reason is just to compel users to use their own devices. Maker of Prime Video wants its users to get Fire TV rather than using Chromecast. Therefore, the Prime Video App (Android and iOS) does not work with Chromecast.

Initially, only the native casting was made unavailable. However, when people started using the Mirror service instead, they blocked it too. This is why, the Prime Video turns black screen when mirrored using Chromecast device. It does not matter if someone uses normal or Chromecast Ultra. The main software is bugged.

Fix to “Prime Video App Black Screen on Chromecast Mirror”

The solution to this problem has one unique requirement. You cannot use a phone or tablet for it. It requires a PC or laptop to fix it. Therefore, make sure that you are following these steps on a computer or laptop. Moreover, install Google Chrome on your PC beforehand.

Before jumping into it, let us understand what’s going on here first. When trying to cast or mirror Prime Video App (Android / iOS) on the Chromecast device, the screen goes black. The audio may keep playing and UI controls may be available too. This happens because Prime Video Maker is trying to limit the use of its apps on Google’s products. This is all in an attempt to promote their own lineup of casting devices.

Since the app is blocking content on phones and tablets, the first observation is to switch platforms. Use a computer rather than a phone or tablet. This removes the possibility of any kind of blocking. Even though it is not as convenient as using it on a handheld device, still we have to think of something!

So here it goes. Follow the steps down below to fix Prime Video Black screen issue on Chromecast (Normal or Ultra).

  1. Make sure that latest version of Google Chrome is installed on your laptop or PC.
  2. Connect this PC and Chromecast to same WiFi network. It is very important! Otherwise, the device won’t show up.
  3. Open Chrome browser.
  4. Head over to Prime Video website and load the movies or shows that you want to watch.
  5. Click on more icon (3 vertical dots) in top right.
  6. Now click on “Cast”.fix amazon prime video black screen chromecast
  7. It will open up a list of available Chromecast devices on this WiFi network.
  8. Click on the one that you want to watch Prime Video on.
  9. The entire Google Chrome tab will now be mirrored to TV.
  10. It will show video as well as image.
  11. To make it full screen, just press full screen button on media player.

That’s it! Even though it is a very annoying problem, the solution is pretty straightforward. Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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