Enable Quick Reply for WhatsApp in iOS 8 with Nuntius


We all use WhatsApp more than any other messaging media in our Mobiles, although there are alot of other things we need in WhatsApp, however, if they arrive WhatsApp won’t be such a thrill and awesome media like it is right now. What we want in WhatsApp is an option to make a Quick Reply, like we see in many of other Messaging apps, however, whether it is Android or iOS, none of them features this option in WhatsApp and once again we have to rely on the 3rd party sources to enable such thing. While on Android, there are some mods that does the job, while on iOS we have an easy way to do so.

Nuntius is a Cydia Tweak, that enables such option in iOS. It lets the user to make a reply directly from the Notification Center itself, this feature,while in Stock way,was limited to Stock Messaging app only, however, with the help of this tweak now it has been enabled for WhatsApp too. Now you won’t need to open the WhatsApp itself to reply, just open notification center and reply from there. However, this Tweak is still in its beta Stage, so you have to add http://sharedroutine.com/repo/in Cydia Sources to install this Tweak.

Enable Quick Reply for WhatsApp in iOS 8 with Nuntius

Enable Quick Reply in WhatsApp:

  1. Add the mentioned Repo in Cydia and Install Nuntius
  2. After installing this Tweak, the Quick-Reply will be automatically enabled.
  3. Now whenever you get any WhatsApp message, just slide down the Notification center
  4. Tap on Notification bar on Top.
  5. The Top ones will be WhatsApp notifications
  6. Slide Down and Unveil the Message bar
  7. Tap on it and Type the Message.
  8. Once done, Tap the Send button.
  9. That is it, the time to open WhatsApp, then conversation and then reply has been minimized.
  10. Enjoy making Quick Reply

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