Create Your Own Media Server On iOS or Mac Using Plex


Not everyone wants to own a Media Server of his own, but the advantages of having one is a great deal, you can share a lot of Media on these servers and afterwards can stream it from different devices using different apps. if that Server is created using an Official app or site and there are a lot of services available to provide such facility, then after a little time every new service pop-ups providing even better experience, so which one to choose, if it comes to your iOS device.

Plex is another service, that offers a Media server client that you can use to create a Media server of your own. You can either use it on Mac or your iOS device and afterwards stream it from different devices with supported apps. Without further ado, let’s see how we can create a Media server of our own on iOS or Mac OS X.

How To Create Your Content Server:


  • Visit Plex Website and Downlaod the Plex Server client for Mac or any other computer that you’ll like to serve media from.
  • Before Starting the server, make sure to create Seperate Folders for best performance, Plex has its Own Support to help you in creating these categories.
  • Once your Media is ready to share, Access the Media Server from Menu bar on your Mac and Click on Media Manager to open the Interface on Web.


  • They will promote to add your Media Folder, thus creating libraries. You can edit them anytime, and keep refreshing it to update the Folders with new Content.
  • You can download Plex Apps on different devices, download them straight from the Official App store of your OS.
  • When you open the app, it will immediately show all the Libraries that are available on your Network and the Content they have
  • With smooth Playback, you can run any file on your device using Plex App.
  • In Settings, you can change the Quality, add or remove subtitles.
  • If your Phone can be connected to TV, you can stream all that media to TV and watch it on a Bigger screen.


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