How to cast Torrents on Chromecast (Android, PC)


Learn how to cast and watch torrents on Chromecast devices (regular and ultra). This works for both Android and Windows PC. The peer-to-peer method of downloading and streaming content has been around for quite a while. It is an efficient way of downloading stuff when somebody does not have access to a good and stable internet connection.

Google Chromecast is one of the best casting dongles out there. It works directly for Android, iOS and PC. However, not many people know how to watch torrents on Chromecast. Whether it is about watching downloaded content or just streaming it from the get go. The streaming torrents are rare and few apps support it. It is because of the fact that it defies the basic concept of this entire download process. The download needs to be sequential in this case. Most torrents do not download this way.

cast watch torrents on chromecast

How do Torrents work with Chromecast?

Torrents are just download links basically. They provide the address for the file to download. The most dominant method of using torrents is downloading it in parts. Users connect to other users that are seeding the same file. They download whatever chunk is available and if its missing from their own file. After downloading all the parts, these are merged in the end.

The cool thing about using torrents is that there is no dedicated download server involved. Users are constantly downloading and uploading the files. This is why it is called peer-to-peer. Now how does someone watch torrents (movies, shows) on Chromecast enabled TV?

Well, Google does not officially support streaming torrents because it requires specific software for it to work. Therefore, we use third-party apps to make it work. There are two method of using it. The first one is to download a torrent on PC or mobile and then stream the locally downloaded file. Or use a specific app and stream torrent while it is also being downloaded.

The streaming is limited and not all torrents can work this way. However it does work and below is the method explaining specifically how to stream torrents on Chromecast. The most used method is when users download the file completely. Now, just watch these torrents on Chromecast using third-party apps.

There is a good news though. Google has recently added support to Chrome extension for casting local files. You may not even need third-party apps anymore. However, the list below contains some pretty tasty apps that not only help streaming torrents on Chromecast but provide some extra useful feature alongside too.

List of Apps to watch/cast Torrents on Chromecast

Chrome Browser Extension

The support for watching local files was added recently on to Chromecast. It used to be in beta for most users but now it is available for everybody. This method is used to watch downloaded torrents on Chromecast only. It does not support sequential downloads and streaming. This method is useful for when someone likes to download files when they are not using PC and watch it later.

It works only with Chrome Browser on PC. This is a desirable method because it works by default. Does not require any third-party apps whatsoever.

How to do it

  • Click on the menu button (3 vertical dots) in top right of Chrome.
  • Now click on cast icon.
  • From the given lists, select “Cast file”.stream torrents on chromecast
  • It will open the file explorer.
  • Just go to the folder where file is placed and double-click it to open it.
  • And yes, also select the specific Chromecast devices that you want it on.

Plex (PC, Android)

Before Google added the support for casting local files, Plex was the boss in this game. It is a media server that has been around for quite a long time. Note that casting torrents to Chromecast is not actually its main function. It is just another feature added to it.

The benefit of using Plex is that it offers a super amazing interface for all of your media files. It downloads the covers for all seasons and movies automatically. Moreover, you get seasons count number and other meta info on the main UI. Small things like these really make a difference. Using Plex is actually much better than using a regular file explorer interface with thumbnail-less folders.

Another cool thing about this app is that its users can watch all the movies, shows on this server from anywhere. For example, if someone has enabled Plex on their PC and allowed it to be accessed from outside the house, then just stream movies directly to phone or even another PC. The only requirement for this is that main server (your PC with Plex on) should be one and connected to internet.

Essentially, Plex serves as a main media server for your entire devices line-up. It is especially useful for people who like to download all of their content on one device and keep it organized.

Moreover, install Plugin and channels on Plex to get access to even more online and live content. Some are free while others are premium. Recently it has also added support for Tidal which is a music streaming service. All in all, it is a great package. Users can install appropriate plugins to stream torrents on Chromecast with Plex too.

plex to cast torrents on chromecast

How to use it

  • Head over to Plex’s website and download media server on your PC.
  • Once it is installed, launch it. It will open a new tab in default browser with link looking something like “….”. This is the address for localhost server of Plex.
  • If your default browser is not Chrome, then copy this link and open it in Chrome. It is necessary to use Chrome for casting.
  • Next up, hit the + icon next to Libraries in left sidebar and add the folder/s of movies, shows, music and even photos here.
  • Plex will work in the background to fetch all the meta data like thumbnails and organize it all for you.
  • Now just head to the main menu, click on any thumbnail and it will start playing.
  • To cast it, hit the casting icon in top right of the tab. Select the Chromecast device in pop-up menu and you’re done!

Popcorn Time (PC, Android, iOS) – Stream Torrents on Chromecast

Before continuing, we’d like to notify users that Popcorn Time is a pirated content App. Therefore, it can get you into trouble if your ISP keeps track of torrent based traffic.

Putting that aside, lets move on to the real discussion. Popcorn Time is the only app in this list that supports sequential torrent downloads. This means that it supports streaming torrent on Chromecast live by default. If the internet connection is good enough and selected torrent has enough seeders, you can watche it live.

How to use it

  • It is actually one of the simplest apps to use. Just download it on preferred platform from its official website.
  • Once installed, launch the app and search for whatever you want to watch.
  • Hit the play button.
  • Next, click on the cast icon and select specific Chromecast device you want it on.

That’s pretty much it. It does not require additional settings. The app itself keeps searching the web for new and reliable torrents. All users get is a nice looking interface that is free of *bad torrents.

Final Words

The technologies of torrents and Chromecast are legal and free to use. These are available for everyone in the world. However, some people may want to watch pirated content using torrents on Chromecast. We however take no responsibility for it since it is entirely up to the user.

We highly recommend users for watching original content which in turn helps the creators of these amazing shows and movies.

Also, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below. If you have any queries, ask us in the comments section below.

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