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How to Fix passcode Issue with the iOS 8.x jailbreak

Many iPhone users are reporting that after Jailbreaking iOS 8.x, they are facing passcode and Touch ID issues. Let me tell you what issue people...

How To Remotely Lock And Wipe Your Android Device

Android devices these days are the best companions to carry with as these devices are capable of performing all of your necessary tasks that...

Unlock Your iPhone With Just a Single Tap, Instead Of Sliding

Slide To Unlock is one of the most unique and old features in iOS devices, now if you are a true Apple fan, then...

How To Check If Your Number Was Leaked Via SnapChat.

If you are a user of SnapChat, then you might have heard that about 4.6Million numbers were leaked along with their Usernames, now you...

How To View and Delete Google Location History.

If you love to travel to different places and sometimes even found yourself somewhere you don't know. Google Maps is the only application that...

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