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Stickman games drove the world crazy back in the day. The Stickman concept was taken up by a lot of new applications and games. Stick Nodes also happens to be one of those apps. Now you can create your own Stickman animations. Stick Nodes app is best when used on a computer. I am going to show you the steps to download Stick Nodes for PC. The Stick Nodes PC will run seamlessly on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and macOS. Before you download Stick Nodes on PC, let me tell you what this app is all about.

Create Stickman Animations with Stick Nodes

Stick figure has inspired many including the developers of Stick Nodes. The Stick figure is indeed a funny figure that can kill boredom. While you might have played many games of this figure, the Stick Nodes app gives you an opportunity to interact with it in a completely different way. Stickman is a highly flexible figure. You can control each and every single of its movements. You can make the stickman dance, walk, do anything you want. But for such tweaks to the character, you would need an app like Stick Nodes.stick nodes on pc

Stick Nodes app gives you a canvas with a Stickman on it. The Stickman has movement points on its entire body. You can drag the points to change the Stickman’s shape, move its arms, legs, head, etc. Stick Nodes gives you a very basic Stick figure. You have to dress it up, add hair, skin, select its nose, eyes, facial features, clothes, shoes, and accessories too. Once your Stick figure is ready, you can move the stick figure according to your own choice. Think of Stick Nodes as a photoshop application, but only for the Stick figures. You can import & export figures into the app too.stick nodes PC

All of your created animations can be saved in the form of a GIF file or in the form of an MP4 video. You can also save PNG images from the app. The main idea of this app is just to have fun. Keeping that in view, it allows performing actions with the Stick figure. Break into the walls, hit the ground, and day 10 other things with your newly created character. Make sure to give your Sticky boy a good name.stick nodes PC

Who is the Stick Nodes app for?

Stick Nodes is for everyone. Whether you are an artist or you are just new to the graphics stuff, this app is going to be worth giving a try. Stick Nodes does not require you to be an expert with arts and illustration. This app is purely meant for fun and that’s what you should be doing with it too. Keep creating figures again and again unless you fully master the Stick Nodes app. There are no limits set on this app. Unleash its real potential by designing unlimited figures.

Stick Nodes Features

Sound Effects

Stick Nodes has its own library of sound effects. You can also add the sound effects of your device. Sound Effects can be synced with each action of the stick figure. Some of the sound effects are built for specific movements of the figure.

Frame Tweening

While creating a figure in the app, you may think of the smoothness of its movement. Worry no! The app has a frame tweening feature which will automatically smooth out your animations.

Variety of shapes

Stick Nodes is loaded with unlimited shapes of the stick figure. Picking up a specific shape depends on what kind of character are you looking forward to. You can always experiment to figure it out.

Free available Stickfigures

Most of the figures in the Stick Nodes library are available for free. If you think that free figures are not enough, you are always free to invest in the premium figures.

Export options

GIF, PNG, MP4, and many other Export options are available in the app. For animated images, you can go with GIF. For videos, choose the MP4. PNG will be used for pictures only.

Precise Animating

This app has the forward and backward onion-skinning feature for the precise animating.

Active Community

Stick Nodes is backed by a powerful community of thousands of members. The Stick Nodes users help each other with the app’s assets and also for a better understanding.


Stick Nodes is available in English, Espanol, Francis, Portugues, and Turkce languages.

Stick Nodes PC

There is no official Stick Nodes PC version, but you might have seen many users running Stick Nodes on PC.  There is a neat trick that can be used to download Stick Nodes for PC. You can run the Stick Nodes PC on Windows 7 – 10 and macOS. Take a look at the requirements and then the steps to finally install Stick Nodes for PC.stick nodes for pc

Requirements to get Stick Nodes on PC

  • Desktop PC or Laptop with Windows or macOS.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Mouse & Keyboard.
  • Google Account – If you do not have one right now, create a new one for free.
  • Android Emulator i.e. NoxPlayer or BlueStacks.
  • Download and install the emulator, set up the emulator using your Google Account.
  • Follow the remaining part of this guide carefully.

Steps to install Stick Nodes for PC

  1. Launch the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your computer.
  2. In the Emulator, open the Google Play Store.
  3. Using the Search Bar of the Play Store, find “Stick Nodes”.
  4. As the app appears in search results, install it.
  5. After finishing the installation, open Stick Nodes PC.stick nodes on pc
  6. Go through the on-screen tutorial and create your first Stickman animation.stick nodes for pc

What’s next?

Make sure that you understand the Stick Nodes app for PC well before you use it. It can be a bit overwhelming at first and can confuse you. But it’s not difficult to use once you have gone through it. Stick Nodes has its control buttons on the left and the right side. You can save the animations to the storage of the emulator and export these to the windows later on. If you end up creating a masterpiece, make sure to share it with your friends to bag a little bit of appreciation. If you run into any problems while installing the app or setting up the emulators, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section below.

For Android phones, you can download this app from the Google Play Store.


Is Stick Nodes for PC Free?

YES! Stick Nodes for PC is completely free. If you want to go across the boundaries, you can buy some of its features, however, the app will run well without any of those.

Is Stick Nodes for PC Safe?

YES! It is 100% safe to run Stick Nodes for PC. We are using verified methods and tools to run it.

What’s the best method to download Stick Nodes on PC?

The best way to run Stick Nodes on PC is via BlueStacks 4.2. It is the newest version of the most popular Android emulator and also happens to be the safest choice.

Is there an official Stick Nodes PC version?

No, it does not have an official PC version. We are imitating the Android version as the Stick Nodes PC version.

Can I run Stick Nodes on Windows 10?

YES! With BlueStacks 4.2, you can run Stick Nodes on Windows 10 without any hassle.

Can I install Stick Nodes on macOS?

YES! With BlueStack 4.1, the Stick Nodes will run flawlessly on macOS.

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