Search Facebook Without an Account [ 4 Methods ]

Learn how you can Search Facebook Without an Account. Not everyone knows about it. In general, everybody knows that in order to search for anything on Facebook, you need to have an account. As per reports, it is said that Facebook has over 2.2 billion active monthly users. In the light of these stats, Facebook is the largest social media network around the globe. With the number that large, Facebook is also the biggest people search engine. Not only that, you can search for anything on Facebook.

But the fact remains, you cannot search Facebook Without an Account. Let me show you how you can do it, there is no need to have a Facebook account.

Search Facebook Without an Account

Search Facebook Without an Account

Search Facebook Without an Account:

As you all know that on Facebook you can search people by their names, Email address, and Phone numbers. However, the search results are totally depending on the user’s privacy settings. IF the user you are looking for has set his privacy to not show any information. It is not possible to find that person using anything.

Now if you want to do a quick search and you don’t have time to log in, you can do so easily. There comes a time when we are in hurry and want to do a quick background check on a person or a public organization. Moreover, we also don’t have the time to log in, but you don’t know how to search Facebook without logging in. This is where these tips will help you avoid all that hassle. Let get started now.

Google Search Query:

Google stands top when it comes to search engine category. Maybe you are not aware of some advanced search queries, that can be used find specific files. We bloggers use these search queries to find all the results of a particular site. query

Now Google index everything that means you can search for your profile in Google. It will save a lot of time, also you can use this same search query to find anyone profile. Type the following search query in Google. aliraza.ace

Search Facebook Without an Account

There you go, through this search string, you will be able to find someone’s profile. However, you may need to work your way through a number of search results.

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Facebook Directory:

Google Search is no doubt very powerful in terms of many aspects. But I think it would be better to go with Facebook own Facebook Directory.

It will be easier as compared to the first method. Although you may have to enter the captcha, it is a standard procedure to ensure that you are a human. Once you are through with it, you will see the results in a list.

As I said it is way easier than the Google search strings. You can easily search for people, pages or places. All you have to do select the relevant tab and enter the desired query.

Facebook People Search:

Facebook People Search take things one step further from Facebook Directory. Not only you can search for people profiles, but you will also get all the relevant information about that person. Including, DOB, City, School, Workplace etc. If it is available for public view.

This feature makes thing much easier when it comes to profile searching on Facebook. Moreover, it will also allow you to use filters while searching.

✳ The bad news is that this feature now required you to log in before you start searching.

Social Search Engines:

Nowadays, search media is the best tool to spread a word. Because of that Social search engines came into being. These services provide you with the public data gathered from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. There are hundreds of such services claiming that they provide accurate data but we always go for the best. Pipl and Social Searcher are the best among others.

Pipl is the best social search engine so far. In order to search for a profile, you need to provide the name and their location. It will narrow down the possibilities and you will get the accurate results.

Social Searcher does the same job but with more advanced features. Not only it lets you search for profiles and page, but you can also search for conversations using hashtags. Moreover, it also includes result from other social media websites.

That’s all.

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