Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly Not Turning – More Issues


Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly Not Turning. Moreover, we’ll discuss some more issues of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to be the immeasurable smartphone ever, it has everything you can request for. Yet it is the top-selling prototype of Samsung and bad news is that like all the other smartphones Galaxy S8 is also receiving issues.

Started with S8 Turns Off Randomly and not turning on. Moreover, people are facing connectivity issues, charging issues, Galaxy S8 rebooting itself, and camera errors. We have worked on these problems and now we’ll be presenting you the best explications you can get.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly Not Turning

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly Not Turning – More Issues:

Heed the instructions below in order to fix all the Samsung Galaxy S8 all the rebooting issues and more. Keep that in mind if none of this works for you, the best scenario for you is to head over to the near Samsung service center.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Turns Off Randomly Not Turning:

If you want to know what is causing all these problems, well I don’t have any answer for that. It can be anything, but what we can do is to tell you that how you can get rid of these problems.

  • Remove your SD Card and Insert it back.
  • Clean the charging port.
  • Charge your device for 20 minutes.
  • Try Charging your device using your computer.
  • None of this work, Boot your device into recovery mode-> Factory Reset your device. [ How to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC ].

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Galaxy S8 Not Connecting To Wi-Fi Network:

If your Galaxy S8 is not connecting to WiFi Network, heed the instructions below. But before proceeding to the extreme step you can try few solutions.

  • Restart your WiFi router.
  • Try connecting to other WiFi networks.
  • Restart your device.
  • Forget your WiFi network and restart your device. Now try connecting to your WiFi.
  • None of these worked for you then perform a factory reset.

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Galaxy S8 Only Charges form Computer:

This first thing I can suggest you is to clean your charging port. You can do it by using a can of compressed air. Once you have through with it then try charging your device. If you have no luck try the following then.

  • Change your adapter and USB cable.
  • Clean your charging port using a brush.
  • Wireless charge your device.

In the end, you can always walk into the nearest Samsung Service Center.

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Galaxy S8 Keeps Turning On And Off:

Yet again, it can be caused by many factors. You can try removing your SD card, Boot your device in Safe mode, Flash update firmware, perform a factory reset, and if nothing is working for you. Go get professional help.

Galaxy S8 Camera is not working:

If your camera is not working on Galaxy S8, you can always try following solutions.

  • Use a third-party camera.
  • Clear Cache of the camera app.
  • Wipe cache partition using recovery mode.
  • Flash the stock camera app.
  • Perform a factory reset.

In the end, you can always walk into the nearest Samsung Service Center.

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