Download & Install Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta ROM


Samsung just started the beta program for the Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 users can now join this newly launched beta program to start testing the Android Oreo update on their phone right now. The beta program is not for everyone. It’s a region-specific beta program and only a few users can make it through. If you own a Galaxy S8 and you want to get the Android Oreo on your phone right now, you will have to apply a different method to get this ROM working on your phone.Install Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta ROM

What’s new in Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8?

As far as the changes and new stuff is concerned in the Android Oreo, there is a lot to have a look at. The Android Oreo brings a UI overhaul for a number of applications and menus in the phone. The keyboard has been improved to work better now. There are new edge lightening features introduced for the Galaxy S8. You can now snooze or hide notifications on the lock-screen and also from the notifications panel. New custom color options have been introduced for the folders. The settings application is getting a new UI for the options inside its sections.

The app shortcuts have got better. Samsung has added some new options in the shortcut menu for the applications. Long pressing an application’s icon will let you perform some tasks inside an application without properly opening it now. For example, if you long tap the Maps application shortcut, you can select your way to your home straight away through the icon only. Dual Messenger, which was specific to a few smartphones only, has been made a standard feature in the Android Oreo update now. The overall performance and battery life of the phone have improved. Android Oreo has got a lot of other goodies that we will discover once we start using this firmware.

How can you get Android Oreo beta on your Galaxy S8 right now?

XDA recognized contributor Paradoxxx was able to get himself enrolled in the beta program. He got the Android Oreo running well on his Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950. Paradoxxx created a system dump using a TWRP recovery and uploaded it for other Galaxy S8 users. If you have a G950 Galaxy S8, all you need is a TWRP recovery in order to get the Android Oreo running on your phone. Galaxy S8 users will have to flash the system dump to load the Oreo firmware on their phone now. Let’s go through the tutorial to install the Android Oreo Beta ROM on Samsung Galaxy S8 now.

Download & Install Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta ROM

Prerequisites to install the Android Oreo on your Galaxy S8

  1. Your phone’s model number must be SM-G950. This ROM will not work on any other variant of the Galaxy S8.
  2. Backup your contacts, call logs, text messages and media content. Flashing the Beta ROM is going to factory reset your phone. Have all your important stuff backed up beforehand.
  3. Your phone must have a TWRP recovery installed on it.
  4. Using a TWRP recovery, create a Nandroid and EFS backup of your phone. This is a must follow step.
  5. Your phone’s battery should be charged at least 50% to last through the flashing process.
  6. Android Oreo Beta may have some bugs at the moment, you are going to flash this at your own risk. In case of a mishap, we may not be held responsible.

Download Android Oreo Beta ROM for Galaxy S8

Download the Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta ROM and extract it: Download Link

How to Install Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta ROM

  1. Make sure you have a TWRP recovery installed and you have also copied the ROM to your phone.
  2. Now boot your phone into TWRP recovery. To do so, power it off first. Now press and hold Bixby + Volume Up + Power button to boot into TWRP.
  3. Once you are in TWRP, connect your phone to your computer now.
  4. In the TWRP recovery, tap Wipe > Format Data.
  5. Get back to the main menu in TWRP, tap Reboot > Reboot Recovery.
  6. Once you get back in TWRP, tap Backup > Boot.img. This step is important to select the right folder to load the ROM from.
  7. Now connect your phone to your computer.
  8. Open the phone directory on your computer, access internal storage and go to TWRP/Backups/anyfolderxxxxx/
  9. Copy the extracted ROM folder in the backups folder now.
  10. Now disconnect your phone now.
  11. Get back to the main menu in TWRP recovery and tap Restore.
  12. Now select Boot and System and then tap the restore/swipe screen to restore.
  13. Wait while the backup gets restored now.
  14. Once the backup has been restored, reboot your phone and let it load the new Android Oreo.
  15. This can take a very long time to load it for the first time. You need to keep a lot of patience while your phone prepares for the first boot. The DM-Verity is already off and it will let your phone boot up easily. Knox is also turned off in this ROM.

That’s all for now. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

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