Enable Or Disable Startup Apps In Android – Tutorial


Let’s tell you how you can easily Enable Or Disable Startup Apps In Android. We have posted a number of Articles in which we have told you how to disable Bloatware from your devices. But today we here with a new post and you’ll learn how to enable or disable Startup Apps In Android devices.

We always look for new apps to try but the thing we do wrong is that we left them there. However, after trying the app we should delete it if it’s not worthy. This happens with all of us, the downside is that the app remains in our device and it runs in the background. Moreover, it also loads during the startup and because of that our device performance starts getting affected.

This is the main reason our device starts getting slow, laggy and performance level starts dropping. We don’t take it seriously and in the end, we have to go through with a lot to get rid of these issues. IF you want to keep your device healthy you need to read our article and apply these steps that we are about to share below.

How To Enable Or Disable Startup Apps In Android:

Enable Or Disable Startup Apps
Enable Or Disable Startup Apps In Android

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Heed the instructions below in order to enable and disable start apps in Andorid devices. If you want the best performance of your device you must go through with this.

Enable or Disable Startup Apps In Android Using Bootmanager:

In order to Enable or Disable Startup Apps In Android Using Bootmanager, you need to have root access on your device. Use the following links to Root your device and Install Xposed installer.


  1. Once you have root access and installed Xposed on your Android device. You can try the following steps now.
  2. Download and Install BootManager on your Android device and enable it in the Xposed installer.
  3. Launch the App. At the home screen of BootManager, you’ll see all the apps that are being installed on your device. Now all you have to do is choose the apps whom you want to load while the startup.
  4. Now that you have selected all the desired apps, click on done.
  5. BootManager will run a set of commands set all the selected apps as startup apps.
  6. That’s all.
Price: Free

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Alternative Apps to Enable or Disable Startup Apps:

There are other apps available on Google Play which perform the same task as BootManager. You can use any of them as an alternative to BootManager.

Advanced Task Manager
Price: Free

That’s all for now.

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