10 Best Productivity Apps for Android in 2019


Smartphones have been turning humans smart as well with their innovative features. That’s the primary reason to have a smartphone; to make it help us become better each day. These phones are like mini sized supercomputers connecting us to the world of Internet and making things easier for us. If you are looking for apps that can help you save energy and time, and can make some of the tasks easier for you, then there are tons of options. Let’s look at some of the top productivity apps for Android.

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android 2018

1- Evernote


If you like to have a platform for jotting things down and sharing them with others, then Evernote is one of the best. It has a plethora of features like the ability to sync between devices, offline support, and the features that allow you to make lists, videos, and texts. You can share data with your friends and enjoy saving time. It’s a must try.

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2- Google Drive


What’s more annoying than losing your data after accidentally losing your phone? Well, the Google Drive is the useful cloud storage app that supports all file types. It has features like Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, and Slides that let you make everything from word documents to presentations.  It can make things easier for you at the office or even at school. Google Photos lets you store your memorable photos and videos. This app allows you to do everything from file sharing, to note taking apps and photo storage. Businesses have been revolutionized due to Google Drive as things can be done super-fast and easily than before.

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Are you a kind of person that prefers your day organized? If you are a productivity freak, then IFTTT is an interesting productivity app on Android that can make it happen for you. It directs various apps to do different things at specific times. It makes your phone do things automatically and is a must-have. Try it.

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4- LastPass Password Manager


LastPass is the best productivity apps and the best security app as well. This means this app serves two important purposes. It stores your login information for different sites and allows you to choose harder passwords for your websites. Moreover, you can log in faster with this app as well. You can also set a specific PIN if you want to.

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5- Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has earned its name over the years and the apps by Microsoft are no less. These apps include the famous OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint,  Outlook, and many more apps which work together to bring everything under one roof for you. You can even sync your desktop with your phone, and enjoy these productive apps to the fullest.

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6- Newton Mail

Do you want to work faster than before? If yes, then Newton Mail is the app that supports every email provider and has plugins for different productive apps like Evernote, Pocket, Zendesk, and many others. This allows smooth and fast work. It also has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can sync different devices together.

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7- Pushbullet


Pushbullet is an outstanding productivity app that can help you sync your phone with your computer. It lets you respond to text messages and send different files. You can even set up channels of your choice and get notified regularly. You can enjoy many features on its free version and become more productive than before.

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8- Slack

Slack has been called the best business chat app as it supports text and voice chats. It even supports for Giphy and lets you have all the fun you want while chatting. The best thing about this app is that you can make a large number of channels. It’s easy to use and interesting. You won’t regret installing it.

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9- Trello


Trello is a task manager that helps you stay organized at work or at home. It comes with a feature called Boards where you can jot down important stuff and focus on essential tasks. The app allows you to share important things with your co-workers. You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, and other apps with it too.

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10- Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that helps you create to-do lists, daily tasks, and other essential things. You can make a list for your daily grocery shopping. You can even make sub-folders for new tasks as it is easy to use. This app uses a calendar to help you mark off important dates, put reminders, and add notes.

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If you think that there are other apps that you love and could have made it to our list, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know.

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