Best tethering apps for Android & iOS – 2018 [ Forever Green ]

Here are the best tethering apps for Android & iOS. We have managed to break through the limitations we used to face while tethering. Previously, it was a hindrance to tether and users often faced problems like not being able to get carrier support for tethering or high prices for tethering.

These problems were resolved while we got a way out with jailbreak or by using custom software and applications that will help us connect various devices. Some amazing apps conveniently make our phones a modem helping us connect with our laptop and share internet while saving up on a lot of money.

Best tethering apps

Best tethering apps for Android & iOS

Best tethering apps for Android & iOS:

Following are the best tethering apps you can get for your Android and iOS devices. Not all of them are compatible with Android and iOS. Let’s get started.

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Best tethering apps for Android

The most popular tethering app for Android devices is PadNet+ which is user-friendly and lets you connect devices through 3 modes. You can choose to connect through WiFi, USB or Bluetooth by simply check marking the boxes on the homepage.

The hotspot can be renamed as well as protected through a password. The app is free and also comes in the premium version. There is no rooting required to use PadNet+ on your Android phones.

Price: Free

Barnacle Wifi Tether:

Best tethering apps for Android

Next, we have another application for Android devices that will help you convert your phone into a wireless hotspot for your computer and laptop to be connected. Same as above, there is no rooting required to use this application and it is safe and reliable.


Best tethering apps for Android

This app for Android another free application used for tethering. The app includes some useful features like letting users be able to set data usage limit and manage data usage with access to daily data usage chart as well.

ClockworkMode Tether:

ClockworkMode Tether also lets you connect to your PC or laptop through USB. The app is available to be downloaded from GooglePlay however; you can also download the apk file. The drivers for this app are also needed to be installed on your computer which is a simple process. The app is paid and comes with a free 14-day trial.

Easy Tether Lite:

Best tethering apps for Android & iOS

Easy Tether Lite like the above app also requires you to download drivers on your laptop or PC for connecting it to your phone. The app is free, requires no root and supports two modes; you can connect your devices through USB or Bluetooth connection.


Best tethering apps for Android & iOS

For the iOS users, PDANet is a reliable app that you can use for tethering. The app will let you connect your phone for tethering through two modes; USB and WiFi. If you want to use USB mode, then you will also be required to download desktop client as well. The app does require the jailbreak and comes with the 14-day free trial.

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