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Back in the good old days, there used to be a handful of mini fun-oriented games for smartphones. We used to have games like Flappy Bird, Color Twist,, and many others. For quite a while, that kind of fun was missing. We did have some big games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Pokemon Go, but these games are for a very different kind of audience. It looks like the fun days for Android and iOS gamers are here once again. This is about to happen because of the Color Bump 3D, a new game that’s rocking the top-charts of the app stores at the moment. Color Bump 3D comes from Good Job Games. The game brings a whole new concept. This is the game that you need to play if you are looking to kill some time. Before downloading Color Bump 3D for PC, let us take a look at what Color Bump 3D has to offer.

Color Bump 3D for PC
Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D – Do not bump into that color!

The concept of this game is simple, but it can definitely make you bite your nails. In this very neat game, all you have to do is to roll a ball through a ramp that is full of obstacles. Sounds simple right? Wait, that’s not it.

As the game starts off, you will get a ball of white color on a ramp. The ramp will be filled with different obstacles of the same white color and one different color. Now while you roll your ball through this ramp, you can only bump into the white color. You are not allowed to bump into a different color. The idea is that you can hit your ball into the same color only. If you hit it into another color, your game will come to an end.

Do not hit any other color!

The ramp is not going to be empty. It will be filled with the obstacles of all the kinds. You just have to make your way through these obstacles. The obstacles have to be hit in such a way that your ball does not interact with the other colors. As long as you are bumping into the same color, you are going to be fine.

As you level up in this game, you will see that the obstacles of white color will be getting reduced while the other colors are taking a toll. This is when the difficulty starts. At one point in this game, you will not find any friendly obstacles at all. The speed of the ball will also keep on increasing. You have to play the game active-mindedly. The moment you lose the control, your game will end right there. That is all about the Color Bump 3D gameplay.

Looks easy, hard to play

From the very first glimpse, the game looks too easy. But believe me, it is not. This game becomes too hard to master on the higher levels. It is going to eat up all of your time. Color Bump 3D has got everything that an addictive game should have. It brings over 100 different levels. The initial levels will be very easy to surpass. You will get stuck on the higher levels for hours if not days. Before playing this game, make sure that you do not fall so much in love with it that you forget to do the important things in your everyday life.

Color Bump 3D – Available on what platforms?

Primarily, Color Bump 3D is built for the Android and iOS platforms. There is no doubt that this game is worth playing on a computer, but it has no official desktop version. What you can do is, you can run the Android version of this game on your computer. Wondering how? Well, that’s what I am about to tell you. With the help of an Android emulator, you can run Color Bump 3D for PC. There is a variety of Android emulators out there. We do have a list of Best lightweight Android Emulators in 2019 list on our site too. Before picking up an Android emulator, let us learn a little bit about them.

Color Bump 3D for PC via Android emulator, but does it mean?

Android emulators are built to emulate the Android OS on your Windows or Mac-powered computer. Since Android is open-source software, it makes it easy for the developers to mold it into whatever the way. There is Google’s official Android x86 emulator, and it does have the whole Android Studio as well. Originally, the Android emulators were built to let the developers test their applications on their computers before releasing them for phones. However, some intelligent people used the same idea to bring the whole Android ecosystem on Windows and Mac ecosystems. As of today, you can run the entire Android OS on your computer as if you are using a virtual Android tablet. Some famous Android emulators include the BlueStacks, Nox App Player, Genymotion, and Andy Emulator.

Color Bump 3D for PC

Installing Color Bump 3D for PC is fairly simple. You can run Color Bump 3D for PC on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac. Users can download Color Bump 3D for PC on their desktop PCs and Laptops. All you have to do now is to follow the few easy steps given below.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Install Android Emulator i.e. BlueStacks or Nox Player.

    Install BlueStacks 4 if you are using Windows. Install Nox Player if you have Mac.

  2. Launch Emulator

    Launch the emulator i.e. BlueStacks 4 or Nox Player.

  3. Use Google Account to set up emulator.

    Set up the emulator using your new or existing Google (GMAIL) Account.

  4. Now Search for Color Bump 3D in the Play Store.

    Open Play Store in emulator and search for “Color Bump 3D”. Color Bump 3D for PC

  5. Install Color Bump 3D for PC

    As you find Color Bump 3D, install it.

  6. Open Color Bump 3D for PC from Emulator.

    After installation, open the game from Home Screen or the application drawer.

  7. Play the game using your Mouse!

    Use your mouse to play the game now. That’s all. Enjoy! Color Bump 3D for PC

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