YouTube videos keep buffering? This is how you can fix


Those who use YouTube just like I do, they are well aware of YouTube videos keep buffering issue. Even though you may have a high-speed internet connection but still YouTube videos keep buffering. Most of the time YouTube starts buffering while you are watching a Vidoe in HD.

Today, In this post, I will provide you the potential solutions which will help to fix YouTube Buffering problem. Since there are a number of factors that is why we have covered every aspect. Now before I move on to the solutions, let me tell you why this happens.

YouTube videos keep buffering

The reason behind YouTube videos keep buffering:

I believe that the servers are behind all this buffering problem. It doesn’t matter how good or fast your internet connection is, end of the day, it all comes to the servers which you are trying to communicate. It simply is that sometimes server gets overloaded and the amount of users YouTube servers. It is a normal thing.

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So when servers are overloaded they started to lack and in the result of all this, you don’t receive the package back. Now you’ll be wondering, were are talking about Google. The biggest tech giant of them all and there is no doubt they will have the top of the line internet service. But that doesn’t mean there will be no hiccups or downtime.

Now when tons and tons of users use YouTube at the same time, the server gets cranky sometimes and you need to face the buffering problem. Look guys no matter how good and better they tell you their service is, it is still a machine at the back.

So now you know, what is the reason behind YouTube videos keep buffering problem. Moreover, not all the time it’s backend sometimes it is frontend. Following are the all the solutions that you will need to do from your end.

Fix YouTube Videos keep buffering:

There are a number of methods that you will find on Google forums as well. Even Google also suggest doing that and you will be able to Fix YouTube videos keep buffering problem.

Close some of your web browser tabs:

I am sure you do have notice when there a number of web browser tabs are opened. Your system starts lagging a bit, even though your device will have powerful powerful process and RAM.

When you have too many tabs opened in your web browser, your system may not be able to handle all that processing. Thus your video starts buffering because if you are trying to use 4K video playback, trust me you will need a large chunk of processing power to play that video.

Since your system already has a power processing problem. Your video cannot get the required power juice and it end up with a buffering issue. So Close some of your web browser tabs, give some air to your system.

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Restart your web browser:

You need an easy way out, close your browser and wait for few seconds and then open it again. But make sure you don’t re-open all of your previous tabs. Now open YouTube and Play your desired video. It will work.

Restart your router:

Before you think of anything I think you should give it a try. Sometimes our router gets all cranked up and start messing up things. It would be very really helpful to restart your router, Turn off your router and wait for 2-3 minutes. After that power-it up, open YouTube and check how things are working for you.

Restart your computer:

Sometimes everything is working fine but your system is having some issue. It could be anything, so give it a kick restart won’t do any damage. Maybe your graphics card is not working properly, the system is getting heat up, third-party software is messing up things and more.

Update your web browser and plugins:

I use a number of Add-ons and plugins but sometimes I needed them for only one specific task. Once my work is done i forget them and most of the time I never use them. Here, things get glitchy. Since I don’t use them so I don’t update them and the old version gets buggy sometimes. Thus it ends up with compatibility issues.

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Plugins and Add-ons are not the only ones. You should make sure your browser is up to date so you get to use the latest and updated features. By doing that you are making sure that all of your media files are handled by updated features. Sometimes the website you are trying to access is running on the latest version of the technology and your browser is running on old technology.

It won’t work, you need to get your hands of the updated version of your browser.

Use Google Chrome:

It would be best to use Google Chrome when it comes to using Google services. By using Google Chrome you are making sure that there will no compatibility issue and things will work smoothly.

That’s it for today. Please try these solutions and let me know you also have Fixed YouTube videos keep buffering issue.

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