Here’s How to Loop Part of YouTube Video [ Tutorial ]


Did you know that there is a way through which you can Loop Part of YouTube Video? Well, it’s true and today I will tell you ho how to Loop Part of YouTube Video. Loop a part means whenever you are watching a YouTube video, especially, a tutorial and you need to practice a part of it. What will you do, go back and start watching it again and again?

Loop Part of YouTube Video

Every time you miss a thing, you need to go back and play the video again. So to make things easier for you, it’s better to Loop Part of YouTube Video. Rather than go back and start it all over again. To help you learn from a YouTube video with getting irritated, I have found some solutions that I would love to share it with you.

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How to Loop Part of YouTube Video:

After testing a number of plugins, Add-ons, and Apps. I have found there of them which are perfect for this situation. These apps and add-ons have the function to loop the YouTube videos. It totally depends on you, whatever suits you. For instance, try browser Add-ons if you like or you can use apps. Let’s start now.

Auto Replay for YouTube – A Firefox Add-on:

The first Add-on I would recommend you is Auto Replay for YouTube. This Add-on is available for FireFox browser and the core purpose of this add-on is to provide loop functionality for YouTube Videos. Open YouTube and play video, now in Auto Replay Add-on you can add a time range and it will start playing that part in the loop.

Using Auto Replay for YouTube is very easy. Once you have installed it, you will see a new toolbar at the top. Whenever you want to turn off the looping, use the quick settings in the toolbar. I am afraid, Google Chrome doesn’t have the  Auto Replay for YouTube. However, instead of this, it has Lopper and rather than providing a toolbar, it adds a loop button on the video.

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Greasemonkey User Script:

Greasemonkey add-on allows us to run small users scripts and it is the best Add-on for developers who use firefox. However, when it comes to Chrome you can run Greasemonkey User Scripts on Chrome without installing the Greasemonkey extension.

There is a user script called better loopy for Youtube, it is the perfect tool to Loop Part of YouTube Video. All you have to do is install it. Enter the timing of the Video part which you need to loop, in the settings of the script. Afterward, click the loop button and there you go.

Infinite Looper:

Infinite Looper is a free Web app which lets you loop YouTube videos. But in order to do so, you need to fetch the YouTube video by using the search feature provided on the web. Once done, you need to select the clip from the video you need to loop and it will start playing the part. Moreover, you can share this clip with your friends.

That’s all. This is how you can Loop Part of YouTube Video. Please try these solutions and share them with friends.

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