How To Play Youtube Videos Having Your Android Phone’s Screen Turned Off


The best place to look for your favorite music, any tutorial, any method, movies or whatever you’re looking for, happens to be Youtube. Google owned Youtube has revolutionized the world and there is no doubt in that, Youtube has become an essential too for the people, an essential source of entertainment and a lot more it can do to help the people all around the globe. If you happen to be a Youtube freak, you might be staying connected all the time to Youtube listening to your favorite music on your Android device, but the only thing that might annoy you is, while Youtube is turned onn on your Android, it eats up a lot of battery putting all the load on your device’s display. You can popout Youtube videos and let them play in a separate small window, but even that will stop playing the video if your device’e screen is turned off.  In this case you would love to find a work around and use youtube while your phone’s screen is turned off. This will not only save your phone’s battery life, but will also make Youtube work like a music player or Soundcloud’s player.

While we’re using Youtube’s official application, we can only talk or think about such a feature knowing that there isn’t any such option available in it. This seems to be a much needed feature and keeping it in view, theos0o, who happens to be a Senior Member at XDA developers has modified the Youtube application according to his needs, and this feature has come up as a result. The modified version of Youtube is capable of playing Youtube videos in background while your device’s screen is turned off. Let’s go through the method to install this modified version of Youtube and get the videos running in background on your Android device.YouTube

How To Play Youtube Videos Having Your Android Phone’s Screen Turned Off

  1. Uninstall the previously installed official Youtube application, you need root access to do so. Once you’ve rooted your Android device, install any file manager / root explorer and remove the Youtube application from /system/app/Youtube.apk, also remove any updates from /data/app. Alternatively, you may use Root App Uninstall to remove the stock Youtube application. Also, make sure that your Android device is capable of 720P/1080P decoding.
  2. Now download the modded Youtube APK.| Youtube Downloader
  3. Copy the APK file to your phone.
  4. Locate the APK file on your phone and install it.
  5. Start newly installed Youtube from the app drawer.
  6. Go to Advanced settings and select “Screen Off Playback”.
  7. Now play any video and check it out by turning of your screen.
  8. That’s all.
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