How To Speed Up 3G On Your Android Smartphone


Everyone probably loves to surf the internet at the maximum available speed, but at times, you’re network carriers are not fair enough.

You might not be able to access internet on your GSM Android device using your cellular data/3G data at its fullest. Apparently, there isn’t any workaround available for this, you might have to depend on your carrier and rely on your network’s 3G strength, but since Android is already there, you can expect something out of the way for sure.

Thanks to XDA senior member bahathir , who discovered a very nice hack that will help you to get across the corner by speeding up your 3G connection’s speed and unleash the internet.

The hack includes the modification of the internet configuration file placed in the root directory of your Android device.

By removing the line #18 that has “novj” code, it activates “Van Jacobson TCP / IP header compression“, that doubles up the 3G connection speed of your device immediately.

The hack is reported to be working for a number of users, but it depends if your network provider supports this feature or not. In case it doesn’t support, you might not be able to find any changes in your 3G connection’s speed.

The file has been uploaded by bahathir, you don’t need to edit the file in your device, you only need place the Options.7z file attached in the early preparations below. Let’s go through the guide

How To Speed Up 3G On Your Android Smartphone

Here are some early preparations

  1. Your device must be rooted. Find the guide to root your device here.
  2. Download Options.7z file
  3. Install Root Explorer or ES File Explorer on your Android device.

Speed Up 3G On Android

  1. Download the Options.7z file and unzip it.
  2. Connect your Android device to your PC and copy the Options file to your phone, on a location you won’t forget.
  3. Now open Root Explorer or ES File Explorer, give it root privileges.
  4. For ES File Explorer, you will have to activate the Root Explorer from Menu first.
  5. Now locate the options file in Root Explorer or in ES File Explorer
  6. Long press the Options file and select Copy.
  7. Now go to the location System/etc/ppp within the root explorer.
  8. If you’re using Root Explorer, tap the Mount R/W button atop first.
  9. Now Paste the Options file here in the ppp folder.
  10. Now you need to change the permissions of the options file, for root explorer long top the options file, now select Permissions, and select “r-w-r-r”.
  11. 10735628_10204450348511412_942929992_n10726235_10204450348591414_779260417_n
  12. For ES File Explorer, long tap the options file, now go to Properties > Edit Permissions > deactivate the options in Write, Set ID, Set UID, Stick Bit, and activate all others.
  13. Now tap OK.
  14. Phewww! You’re done. Now connect your 3G and perform a speed test using application for Android.

Just in case this mod doesn’t work for you, you may simply delete the Options file and it will revert back your 3G configuration to the previous state. Keep in mind that the method isn’t guaranteed to work, it works with the carriers that allow this tweak. Let us know if it worked for you or not.