How to Unblock Down­loads in Chrome [ Must Try ]


In this tutorial, you will learn how to Unblock Downloads in Chrome. All you need to do is follow on instructions provided below and you are good to go.

When Google Chrome made its way to the world of the Internet. It wasn’t considered to be the best or high rated when it comes to security. Tons of user-made extension were able in Chrome Web store and because of them, we have seen a number of hacks and malware over the years.

But things have changed. Google Chrome security is updated and they have added various protection measures. So now we can say Chrome can be rated top in the browser family when it comes to security.

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Chrome has many security protocols to protect your system from malware. By default, it blocks files that you consider unsafe to download to your computer. Unfortunately, it also means that you can’t download files from certain sites that you know are reliable, but Chrome thinks otherwise.

And then there is the whole thing with Chrome which blocks automatic downloads from the same source. It is sometimes very boring. While disabling these security features is not a good idea, let’s be careful and see how you can do it.

Unblock Down­loads in Chrome:

There are a number of options you can use to Unblock Downloads in Chrome. We will start unblocking potential downloads.

Unblock Potentially Unsafe Downloads:

Step1: Open the Chrome menu, then click Settings.

Unblock Down­loads in Chrome

Step2: Scroll down the Settings page, click Advanced.

Unblock Down­loads in Chrome

Step3: In the Privacy, disable the option next to Safe Browsing.

Chrome will not block downloads after making the changes above. Nor does it warn you of potentially dangerous or harmful sites that could be phishing to obtain personal information or infect the browser.

Unblock Automatic Down­loads in Chrome:

  • Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy & Secuirty.
  • Content Settings -> Automatic Downloads.
  • Toggle the Switch right next to ( Do not allow any site to download multiple files automatically ).

Security must be kept in the mind:

No matter how aware you are of the Internet, nobody can fully prepare for security breaches. Being on the Internet means being exposed. But that doesn’t mean that being carefree is also wise. If Chrome is blocking the download, it may be a good idea to investigate why.

Chrome can be a little paranoid. So you can omit the restriction. On the other hand, safe browsing definitely helps you a lot and it’s probably best to keep that in mind.

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