Enable Dark Mode on the Chrome Browser [ Guide ]


Nowadays, Dark Mode is every where, we haves seen dark mode adopted by Samsung, Apple, Google and more. It seems Dark mode will soon necessary and it should be, Dark mode provides more battery life on devices and it won’t hurt eyes. Today, I will tell you how to enable dark mode on Chrome Browser.

As you may all know, the dark mode provided on a computer turns Chrome browser dark. However, not everything picks the dark mode, some websites still left as they were. So rather than settling with some draw backs. I think you should follow my guide and enable dark mode on Chrome browser system wide. What ever you will open in Google Chrome, will adopt the dark mode.

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I’ll be using two methods to enable the Dark Mode on Google Chrome. One is using the Google Chrome extension and the other is using Chrome Flags. Both methods work perfectly and after testing both, I made this post.

Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Browser:

In my first method, I’ll be using Google Flags. heed the instructions below to enable the Dark mode.

Chorme Flags:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Open Chrome Flags:

    Launch Chrome Browser on your Window or Mac. Type in [ chrome://flags ] hit enter.enable dark mode on Chrome Browser.

  2. Search for Dark Mode:

    Upon loading, you will see all the experimental features that you can use to get more functionality on Chrome Browser.

    Click on the search bar and type in [ Dark ]. You will be provided with a number of results. The one we will use is ‘force dark mode for web content’.

    Now click on default and a drop down list will show up, select Enable. Relaunch your Chrome browser.
    enable dark mode on Chrome Browser

  3. Open Different Websites:

    After Chrome is relaunched. Try opening different Websites and you will see Dark Mode is working with all of them. I have taken a number of screenshots to show you the results.

Dark Mode ScreenShots on Chrome:

Using Chrome Extension:

Before we move on, let me tell you one thing. This Chrome extension does not enable any experimental features. It only inverts the color scheme and text. Moreover, it will give you option whether to enable Dark Mode on one Website or not. 

You can easily turn off the Dark Mode on any specific Website, you seem fit to. It will give all the control over the Dark Mode.

To install this Add-on, head over tho Chrome Webstore and search for Dark Reader. Once you find it, Add it to the Chrome as you normally do. If you cannot find Dark Reader extension, click here.

Which is the better one?

Now the thing is, if you use Chrome Flags and enable Dark Mode. Every Webpage you open will adopt dark mode or you can say Chrome Flags will force all the Webpages to adopt Dark mode.

This may become annoying while using a number Websites. Since it is not official, it may look wired and also sometimes reading in the dark mode becomes difficult. But overall, Chrome Flags will get you the Dark Mode on Chrome.

Using the Dark Reader Add-on will give you the option and control over the Dark Mode. For instance you don’t want to use Dark Mode on Facebook Web, open Dark Reader settings and turn of the Dark Mode. This make things easier.

So I would Suggest you should go with the Chrome Extension and control the Dark Mode.

That will be all for Today.

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