How to turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13


This is how you can enable or turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13. This guide will work for iPadOS 13.1 as well. You can apply Dark Mode on all iPhones and iPads that support the newest version of iOS.

Dark Mode working on my iPhone XS Max.

Before you take a look at the steps to turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13, let me tell you what is Dark Mode and how it works.

Dark Mode

Back in the day, we used to have a number of apps that used a dark UI. At that time, the utility of the Dark UI was not taken into consideration. Back in 2016, Twitter brought its Dark Mode to the table. Twitter’s Dark Mode was not warmly welcomed as it wasn’t the true Dark Mode. However, there were other applications set to implement this idea. With the passage of time, we saw apps like YouTube, Google Chrome Browser, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and many others adding a Dark theme. Later on, in 2018, operating system and phone makers started implementing the Dark Mode as a part of the phone’s system.

As of today, Google has its Dark Mode in the Android 10 UI. Samsung has the Night Mode in its Samsung One UI. Huawei also has its Dark Mode and OnePlus has been giving a Dark Theme for quite some time as well.

It was only Apple who didn’t join this bandwagon yet. However, with the release of the new iOS 13, it looks like Apple has listened to the masses and it finally added a Dark theme.

Dark Mode on iOS 13

Apple’s Dark theme in the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.1 turns the entire UI into black. All of native Apple apps also support the Dark Mode. The new UI looks impressive. Especially if you’ve been used to seeing the white UI all your life, you are going to love this sudden change in the UI. The white UI is still there and it is set as the default display mode, the Dark UI is given as an additional option.

The idea of Dark Mode is not to turn the display into black only. It basically has a couple of useful applications. The Dark Mode, at first, doesn’t strain your eyes. If you are using your phone in the night, it’s recommended to switch on the Dark Mode to avoid the stress on your eyes. Furthermore, a darker theme saves a little bit of battery percentage on Super AMOLED screens. Apple’s flagship devices come with Super AMOLED panels which means that you are going to find the Dark Mode useful.

That’s all about the Dark Mode on iOS 13. Take a look at the steps below to enable Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad right now.

Turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13

Time needed: 2 minutes.

These are the few simple steps to get Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad. Make sure your device is running on the new iOS 13.

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad.

    Open the application drawer on your iPhone or iPad and click on the Settings icon.

  2. Go Display & Brightness in Settings.

    In the Settings application, find the Display & Brightness option and open it.
    enable Dark Mode on iOS 13

  3. From the top, click on Dark Mode icon.

    At the top of the Display & Brightness, you will find “Appearance option”. Click on Dark to enable it right away.Turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13

  4. You can also select Automatic mode.

    Furthermore, you can click on the Auto button to automatically switch between the light and dark mode.

  5. Get back and check the Dark UI!

    Get back to the main menu and enjoy the Dark UI now! That’s all.

That’s all. You can see that all of your native Apple apps have a dark UI. For the third-party apps that don’t have a Dark UI, you can check their settings to see if they support the Dark mode.

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