How to Add Stories on Youtube | Add Reels on YouTube.


Here’s how you can Add Stories on Youtube. We’ve seen Facebook, Instagram and more social media hubs adopting SnapChat stories mode. Now it’s time for YouTube, Google has rolled out a new feature in the latest update of YouTube app.

You can now Add Stories on Youtube just like Instagram, Facebook and more. I am not sure why Google did that but who cares, it is live and those who don’t know how they can add stories on their YouTube account they need to follow the instructions provided below.

Add Stories on Youtube

This new feature is called Reels, it was introduced back in 2017 in an event of YouTube expanding community. It is not the same as all the other platforms, Just to make things more clear. The Reels will not be live at the top of the app, as it does on Instagram. Instead, all of your Reels will appear in a new Tab on your Channel.

What is Reels?

It is a new idea to introduce a different video format to express them selfs with a short snip of a video. It is said that with the help Reels a YouTuber can engage more fans and they don’t have to post the full video for that.

You can make Reels by shooting quick video snip using your mobile. After that, you can filters, music, text, and more. Moreover, there is one more thing unlike all other stories platforms, YouTube Reels won’t expire.

We a short vide of What Reels will look like and after that, we’ll posting a complete guide to tell you how you can Add Stories on Youtube.

YouTube Reels:

How to Add Stories on Youtube:

  • Open your YouTube App, make sure you are logged in.
  • Tap on the Video Icon located on the top right side of the screen.
  • You will see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen. There you will find 4 options, Tap on Stories icon.
  • Now you can take a Snap or Record a video just like you do on other platforms.
  • After taking a photo or recording a video, you can add a number of different elements such as Text, Stickers, music and more.
  • Once you are done with everything, Tap on Post to proceed.
  • Head back to your YouTube account, Swipe left on your menus and you will find a new menu named as stories. Here you will find all you uploaded stories.

That’s all. This is how you can Add Stories on YouTube or Add Reels on YouTube.

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