How to get YouTube Dark Mode on Android right now

We have a good news for you. By following the steps given in this guide, you will get YouTube Dark Mode on Android right now.


YouTube has started updating the application with the Dark Mode. The Dark Mode will turn your all-white YouTube UI into Black. The new black UI makes the YouTube application look considerably good. At the moment, the update is slowly rolling out making its way to all the YouTube Android users across the globe. If you are one of the users who cannot wait for the update to arrive officially, you must be on the lookout for a method to get this Dark Mode right now. We have a good news for you. By following the steps given in this guide, you will get YouTube Dark Mode on Android right now.

Before we take a look at the steps to turn on YouTube Dark Mode, let us understand the importance and use of the Dark Mode.

The YouTube Dark Mode is useful if you are used to watching YouTube while you are laying down on your bed in the night. The flashing white color of the YouTube UI will not hurt your eyes anymore. Watching the YouTube in the Dark theme is much more easy on the eyes.

YouTube Dark Mode is also good for the battery consumption of the application on your Android phone. The white UI stresses the display of your phone and ends up eating more battery. On the other hand, the Dark Mode will not stress your phone’s display to the extreme and that’s how your phone’s battery time will get better as well. The users who have an Android phone with a Super AMOLED display will definitely find this benefit of the Dark Mode.

Google released the Dark YouTube theme for iOS users way back in March 2018. The Android users are pretty late to get this update, but it’s better late than never. Google was continuously testing the Dark Mode for Android. Some of the tweaks even allowed the users to get this Mode without the official rollout. However, if you have never got a taste of this Dark YouTube Mode, it’s time for you to get it now.

The latest APK for YouTube has this option inside. To get YouTube Dark Mode, all you have to do is to update your YouTube application using the APK file given here. Follow this tutorial now to get the YouTube Dark Mode without any further ado.

Get YouTube Dark Mode on Android

  1. Uninstall or disable any previous version of YouTube from your phone.
  2. YouTube APK with Dark ModeDownload.
  3. Copy the downloaded APK to your phone’s internal storage.
  4. On your phone, open Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Allow.
  5. Now using a File Manager, locate the YouTube APK and click on it to start the installation.
  6. After installation, launch the latest YouTube from the app drawer.
  7. The application will now ask you to Try Out the new Dark Theme. Opting for this feature will apply the new Dark Theme on your YouTube.

If you don’t get the Try-Out option, simply open YouTube > Settings > General > Dark Theme > Tap the icon to enable it. In case this option is not appearing your YouTube application, then open the Settings of your phone. Now open the Apps or Application Manager > YouTube > Storage > Clear its Data and Cache. Restart your phone now and check for the YouTube Dark Mode.


So that’s how we enabled the YouTube Dark Theme without waiting for the official update. If this method has worked for you, don’t forget to drop your feedback. In case of any queries or questions, feel free to reach out to me through the comments box below.

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