Here’s How to View Private Instagram Photos – Private Profiles 2018

Let’s tell you how you can easily view Private Instagram Photos. To be honest, I have seen many methods but nothing worked. But Today I have few workarounds that will help you view Private Instagram Photos and Private Profiles. There is no hack or coding involved. This post is only for entertainment purposes.

Instagram is the biggest photo sharing social media, they have very strict rules when it comes to privacy. Although, recently the owner of Facebook was accused of selling the data. Still, they are very strict when it comes to data privacy. As per Instagram privacy policy users are allowed to see the content which is made public. Now there are many people who want to poke their nose in other business and they want to see the Private Instagram Photos of specific users.

Since You cannot see any other users photos or videos unless you are friends with him/her. Well, this is about to change now, we will tell you how you can View Private Instagram Photos, Private Instagram DP, and Private Profiles.

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View Private Instagram

How to View Private Instagram:

Following are the few workarounds that will help you view private Instagram Photos. Before we move on let me clear one thing, there is no hack or tool which will allow you to view private Instagram Photos and accounts. But there are few tricks which will let you view something which is better than nothing. Let’s start with the Private Instagram DP or Profile Photo.

View Instagram Private Profile Pic:

  • Fire up Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Head over to the profile whos Profile Picture you want to see.
  • Tap on 3 dots icon and select Copy Profile URL.
  • Open browser on your phone, paste the URL into the browser and hit enter.
  • You’ll be seeing same profile as you were seeing on the Instagram app.
  • Now Tap and hold on the profile picture -> Select “Open image in new tab”.
  • Here you go, now you can see the private Instagram Picture and also you save it on your smartphone.

View A Private Instagram Account:

I am gonna be honest with you all. There is no way you can view Private Instagram Account with simple tricks or with fake web services which claims that you can view private Instagram photos by doing a survey.

Let’s do it by the legitimate way, man up and send follow request or you can approach them with a private message. Don’t waste your time doing stupid tricks and paying for fake services.

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