10 Game-Changing Pro Tips For Instagram Users


You might see Instagram as social media app for just sharing your pictures every other day, but that’s NOT the case. Besides being a photo-sharing app, this app has evolved with time with many interesting features being introduced into this apparently simple app. With the changes of the sequences of the images from being chronological to algorithmic one, to introduce the option of sharing more than one pictures from your day; Instagram has really upped its game and we are more than glad!

In case you are an Instagram addict or a newbie to this app, here are some very useful tricks that will help you use this app in multiple ways!

1- Break The Monotony; Try Different Apps!

Using only Instagram features and filters can get a bit too redundant and boring for everyone. We understand this completely! And therefore we recommend you to try other cool and fun apps for processing your everyday pictures. You can use the newest apps for adding effects from Photolab or use your old Retrica filters on your pictures and then share them on Instagram. You can also use the app called Squarer or Square Droid for squaring your apps, so they fit your Instagram frame easily. These simple tips can change your Instagram game altogether!

You can try using some unorthodox and not-so-common photo-editing apps to stand out on your Instagram. These apps include VSCOcamAdobe Photoshop Express, and Snapseed. Some of the effects are really eye-catching and they will make your pictures pop on Instagram. Some popular bloggers are of the opinion that using Afterlight can bring revolution to your Instagram account too. Try and test out these apps and find out what works for you the most. Enjoy!

2- Be Creative With The GIFS!

Share your favorite gifs to your Instagram page using different GIF sharing apps like Gifsharer. Apps like these are totally free of cost and are fun. You can find really attractive GIFS through these and then share them on your Instagram. You can also google your favorite GIFS and download them in the gallery. And afterward, you can share them on your Instagram account. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

3- Manage Your Instagram Using Desktop

You don’t have to restrict your Instagram usage to just your small mobile screen. The Instagram’s desktop view can come to your rescue! Especially if you are a blogger or a Writer, then using Instagram on the desktop can really lessen the strain on your eyes and help you write with ease. It is more convenient to open your Instagram account on the web page. You can also reply to your followers and check other pages on a big screen which is a plus!

4- Embed Your Instagram Posts!

The new embed share button is present on the right side of your photo, which will help you use the embedding option on Insta. You can copy the embedded text and paste it anywhere on the Internet. If you’re sharing your content on the website or on a blog, this feature will make sure that everyone sees that the shared content is yours. The embedded photo or video has your Instagram username written with it and people will be redirected to your Instagram page when they would click on that embed link. Fascinating and useful, isn’t it?

5- Shortlinks Are The Way To Go!

Using link shortener gives a great impact. It takes less space on your profile and looks more presentable too. According to the opinion of marketing managers of some leading businesses, using link shorteners makes your profile consistent and attracts the relevant audience. In case you just shared a new blog post or shared a page, by using the customized short links, you can direct your followers to a particular link on your profile. Try using services like bit.ly and tiny.cc and you will be able to get a personalized, shortened and better link to post to your profile. You can also edit the URL to let your audience know and pinpoint towards what exactly the short link points to.

6- You Can Build Your Own Community On Instagram And Get Noticed!

It might sound eerie to you, but this is true. You might not have seen Instagram as a platform to connect with other people and create a circle, but this photo-sharing app does have a social side to it. This is the main feature which has helped the leading brands and companies of the world to connect to their regular customers.  With the passage of time, as you keep an account of the likers of your page and those who comment, you will find a community on Instagram. All you have to do is to follow back your own followers and build a bond with them. You might have a lot of fans on your Instagram who are making hearts and leaving comments on your picture. It’s time to appreciate them!

You can build great relationships with other companies, repost your own images and tag your competitors even to let them know you are in touch with them. Instagram can help you share pictures of the products your business focuses on or the services. You can use creative, cool and trendy hashtags so your followers can track you. Oh, and make sure to leave comments on the pages of relevant brands! Let your presence be felt and known!

This definitely creates a sense of bond and engagement with them. Businesses have been flourishing lately due to the great brand image they have been able to put through Instagram! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get more active on Instagram!

7- Speak Of Your Uniqueness With A Theme

Setting a theme for your Instagram account speaks about your individuality and helps your followers connect to you on a personal level. Social media experts tell us that you should be delivering your point of view and connecting to your viewers through your posts. For example, if you love landscapes, try sticking to the theme of Nature. If you love traveling, stick to it. If food is your thing, keep sharing delicious foods off the menus of restaurants you visit. This way you’ll attract a defined audience, which will be more interested in what you share!

8- Clicking Better Pictures Can Help!

Stop using the front camera of your phone for taking selfies and posting it on Instagram. Rear cameras of phone produce better results and they are the one which makes you stand out. Ask someone else to take your picture and ditch the idea of posting selfies altogether. Try using colorful or plain backgrounds. Find your favorite wall to stand in front of and learn some new techniques to click better pictures!

9- Captions Are The Key!

Catchy and engaging captions can make your way to the hearts of your followers. It’s not just the picture, but the story behind the picture which really counts. Don’t totally ignore the captions and try to speak your heart out while writing them. The click might be great, but it should be conveying your thoughts as well.

10- Personalize Your Hashtags!

Instagram lets you use hashtags liberally and hence allows you to categorize your posts. People can easily discover your Instagram posts by searching for these hashtags. It is a useful tool to reach your target audience, but you should first know that which hashtags are perfect for you. Therefore, don’t ignore the power of hashtags and ensure to make the best out of them!

Instagram is not just a photo sharing app, it’s a whole different environment and community. People use it for business, personal promotion or to just convey talents as well as creativity through; into the better bigger world of social media. Hence, we can say that Instagram has loads of potential and hidden features that just need your discovery. You can use this platform for the right engagement and for your growth. We hope we were helpful in introducing the unseen side Of Instagram to you!

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