How To Uninstall an iPhone AppStore application?

It’s a mostly commonly asked question form iPhone user’s ” How Delete or Uninstall iPhone AppStore Application ”  either you have purchased from Appstore, install through Installer or Cydia. If you are using Android it  is easy to delete or Uninstall Applications but for iPhone everything is different. All Android users have to do is that go-to setting -> Application Manager, tap on the app you want to delete or Uninstall, for iPhone there are two methods. If your device is Jailbreak then the method is different and for non-jailbreak device its different. I will tell you both the process in steps with images and video.

How do I uninstall an iPhone AppStore application?


Following are the method for iPhone users on how they can uninstall or delete Appstore applications on jailbreak device or on non-jailbreak device.

Method 1: How to Uninstall Applications on Jailbreak Device:

On Jailbreak iPhone , iPad or iPod application are installed through Cyida or Installer. So to delete one you have to goto package manger from here you can uninstall or delete an application. Check out he following video tutorial for iPhone users who have jailbreak devices.

Method 2: How to Uninstall Application on Non-Jailbreak Device:

All you have to do is hold finger on the icon or application until the icons on your screen start shaking, then you’ll see a (X) on top left on every icon tap on (x) done your application is delete. Check out the following video.

How to Uninstall Application is Android Devices:

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