4 Steps To Check the iPhone for Unflod Baby Panda Malware

Yesterday there was a news about some Malware attacked iPhones. Many big forum like Reddit , iPhone hacksiClarified and more have posted about Unflod Baby Panda Malware. There are no officials words out yet because baby panda malware was found on Jailbreak devices, may be this is the reason we are facing so much crashes on iOS 7.


Cydia creator Saurik say’s:

A piece of malware has shown up on a few jailbroken devices – it’s almost certainly installed via something on a non-default repository (such as a pirate repository), and it’s probably installed via a less-popular package, since it’s not very common. It’s usually called Unflod.dylib, and it’s a malicious piece of software that tries to steal your Apple ID and password; nobody has figured out yet exactly where it comes from. You can read analysis by i0n1c here, and discussion in these two threads: what is it? and beware of it.

Everybody is looking possible working os that they don’t have to face such kind of issue. While i was working on it on my iPhone i have checked didn’t find anything :). So i thought not everybody know what to do so i making this guide to help you all.

Note: This guide is only for Jailbreak devices those who are running official iOS 7 they don’t need to worry play frontline commando 2 and enjoy!

Check the iPhone for Unflod Baby Panda Malware:

  1. You need to install iFile form cydia. After installing goto following directory.
  2. /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/.
  3. Now scroll down carefully and check files Unflod.dylib and Unflod.plist. As show above in the picture.
  4. Once you locate these files swipe left and delete each unfold file.
  5. After deleting all the Unfold malware files are deleted reset you Apple id password.

Hope so it works for you and your Apple id is not compromised.

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