Samsung Galaxy S5, Top Ten Hidden Features

Samsung Latest flagship, Galaxy S5 has been released over a week ago and the Korean Company is gaining much attention by the ads of Galaxy S5, which are going in full flow. To help the owners of Galaxy S5 and to give them an easy way to learn about their device, as well as telling the whole world about what Samsung Galaxy S5 is capable of, Samsung has detailed a list of “Top Ten Hidden” features of Samsung Galaxy S5. Now for all the users of Galaxy S4, you might not find them very secret or hidden, but for a new user they are not something he can find easily.

However, no matter how much experience you had with TouchWiz or how much you have explored the previous Galaxy devices, there is always something new in a Particular device, and even though you are confident on all that you know about Galaxy S5, who know you might get a surprise once you run through the list. The list is more like a Slideshow of Device’s features while it helps out those who bought the Galaxy S5, also it represent a show of that company has release a device worth playing with.


The round start with something that we saw in Galaxy Note 3, you can write on it using a pencil, going below reveals something about Music player, whose tilt can bring up the Customized Playlist. Then it is about apps, which can be bookmarked with toolbox given in the device OS, furthermore, your privacy is safe with Privacy mode. Then there is something that can make you a huge fan of Kids, he Kids Mode ported in it can help you in this matter. Then there is something we have seen many times, you can use the camera directly from the Lock Screen.

Then there are some camera features, Virtual Tour in camera is there to guide you about the next photo you take, your steps will count, you can either go straight, take a left or make a right, and according to your movement, it will take a photo. Shot and more mode allows you to edit photos immediately after taking the photo. Set priority in Messaging app, you can also check the caller info while you are on a call. The best one is that you can take a call while using any other app using Call Notification Pop-Ups. You can find the full list in the link below, but we have also provided a huge strip for your ease.


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