Hitman GO Finally Released For iOS 7, Here Is How You Can Download It


Upon Hearing the name “Hitman”, our mind directly imagine a Cold heart, besuited and inhuman character, whose job is to kill people, innocent and criminals, for only money. This is after all, what we have seen in movies and games, and otherwise the role of Hitman, even if we look in the past, the collection of Hitman series also based on a story of a contract killer, but now in Hitman Go, things are about to be changed, Square Enrix has decided to take an alternate approach, thus turning a killing game into a Puzzle game of Turn Based Strategy, well on first look, anyone can simply understand that they have disgraced the name of Hitman, but going with a whole new idea, sometimes lead to that, for example, 300: Rise of Empire, was expected to be a better movie than the first movie, but it was not, since they tried to bring a whole new story, instead of sticking to the old one.

Turn Based puzzle games are something of a revelation in Mobile world, it is not a surprised that Square Enrix decided to go after it. However, as I said earlier that seeing Hitman spending time to solve puzzles instead of straightforward killing, is an eyebrow raising scenario, but the combination of “violence-meets-placid-board-game” really turns out to be a huge fun, stepping away from becoming a disaster. Don’t worry characters are still the same.


You are, as always, the Agent 47, but instead of sneaking on a person with a Pistol and waiting for an opportune moment to kill him, you are this time bound to move on the board, moving so silently that the guards there won’t feel anything suspicious. If you are spotted, you have no power to start a fight with them, instead you have failed the level and must start it again. You need to sharpen your stealth statistics in order to creep through without being spotted.


If you look closely into the game, despite that the game has its own signature and story line, it looks more like Splinter cell, even though Splinter Cell was classified as a Role Playing Game, where you have to run from the guards and enter without getting caught. Hitman GO is available of Apple store for only $4.99, compatible for both iPhone and iPad, So if you are after a little something different, then this game is the best for you.

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