Sony Xperia Selfie Phone, Here Are The Leaked Pictures

Selfies are now like Oxygen, most users purchase Flip-out-screen cameras just for this sake, so they can take selfies without any problem at all, Mobile Phone cameras have only one purpose in modern days, Take selfies only and that is all, sometimes the amount reaches up-to 100 in a single day and even worst or Better, I don’t know Companies are now supporting the Selfies and making camera with better Front cams to take better selfies, and Sony is also taking part in it.


Sony Has confirmed, that they will release a Selfie Camera Phone, having a big Sensor Cam in the Front with a Flash, now blinding people are even more easy, those who don’t know about the Front flash will be in serious trouble. Names as Sony Xperia C3, though this is unconfirmed right now, however, some decent Picture are leaked over the Web by and Digi-wo. and we will share them with you. Further details show that this device will have a 2500 mAH battery and released with varieties of colors. Stay tuned for further updates and till then enjoy the leaked photos.

Leak-Selfie_1 Leak-Selfie_2 Xperia-Selfie-Phone_1-640x462 Xperia-Selfie-Phone_2

Sources: Digi-wo | Weibo

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